Day to Day Sports Returns

It is kind of weird how over 5 years a lot can change, but a lot can also stay the same. I'll have feelings creep op on me from things I surely thought that I had pushed to the back of my mind. Sometimes I think of an an old friend, other times I'm haunted by Nelson Cruz not catching a fly ball in right field. I know, I'm sorry to bring it up.

It is pretty weird how this blog has just stayed here, completely unchanged, for 5 years. (I guess that means my myspace is still out there...there is a scary thought.) I went and wrote for Our Daily Bears for a couple years after being recruited by the great people over there. I was really into it for two years, and then that feeling kind of faded. You could say a lot of that was time. I fell for a girl, joined a fraternity and the whole class thing took up time as well. I never really lost my love for writing, it just kind of faded into the background. Until now.

I do not know if this is going to a be fleeting feeling, but I hope that it is not. Back at Our Daily Bears I would share my personal opinions on Baylor games, and ways I thought the team could do better. I transitioned that until stories about tailgating (I was my fraternity's tailgate chair) and I tried to workshop a film room type piece about the secondary, but that never really got off the ground.

Our Daily Bears exploded as far as readers and contributors, and I did not really feel like I was adding a lot of value to the community by being the third or fourth person to give their take on the game. Writing about tailgating was cool, but I only really ventured in and around my own area so that was not really an all encompassing report. I stopped for a bit. I lost my passion for it, to be honest. It was kind of like when being forced to read for school, you forget how great reading for leisure is.

I was telling a friend of mine earlier today that I start posts out without really having an end in mind. At least that's what I did when I was at the peak of my writing. And, well, that has not changed. I'll at least do my best to tie up any loose ends that I create mid-post. I find some irony in the fact that my last post was about consistency. The Spurs and Red Wings are both going to miss the playoffs this year and the Patriots, well, are still really good.

All of this is to serve as a re-opening of Day to Day Sports. It never really left, it was just pushed to the background for a few years.


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