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Baylor Football Preview

In less than two weeks I begin my tenure as a student in the class of 2016 at Baylor University. The amount of applications Baylor received for this class was the most in school history. This is undoubtedly the result of the Year of the Bear and all the media attention it brought to the University. While I’m excited to begin my time at Baylor and can’t wait for football season, I know that my class enters Baylor at the same time as the greatest football player in the school’s history exits. I don’t see the electricity colored AdiZero shoes of Robert Griffin III ever being filled, but he has laid the groundwork for my class and classes to follow. I mean this figuratively and literally. Figuratively because he has set the foundation for Baylor to have a solid football program that isn’t laughed at by the other schools in the conference. He has set up Baylor football to be a team you have to give it your all against when you step out on the field against them. Literally because you could…