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Just To Catch Up On Things

There a few stories I want to touch up on here for the month I've been absent form posting any new stories. The first of which is the story of how Kerry Wood ended his career in movie like fashion.

Kerry Wood started out his career with huge expectations. These expectations were well warranted considering in his fifth career start he threw a no walk one-hitter which included striking out 20 of the 28 batters he faced. The 20 strikeouts tied a major league record set by Roger Clemens. In 1999 Wood had to undergo Tommy John Surgery.
In 2003 he was elected to the National League All Star Team from the Chicago Cubs and is well known for being a part of what was supposed to be one of the best pitching duos of all time with Mark Prior. The injuries continued for Wood in 2004 when he was sidelined for two months with strained triceps. Wood was plagued with injuries from 2004-2006 which led to him moving to the bullpen in 2007. Wood then bounced around from the Cleveland Indians and New Y…

It's Just Not The Same

Last summer was the zenith of every Dallas Maverick fan. All of us got to parade around, because for that time, we were the best team in the world to play basketball. Once the confetti was finally cleaned up, lockers cleaned out, and city streets cleared, the championship hangover began. I was wondering how long it would last. Quite frankly I held out a little hope that there would not be a season this year so that for another year I could say the phrase,"NBA champion Dallas Mavericks." Just when it seemed like there would be no season though, the players and owners managed to hammer out a deal to put the 2011-2012 NBA season into affect. It was at this time I should have realized it was time to get over the championship and get into this year's team, but I couldn't quite do it. As a Mavericks fan, and a sports fan of DFW that grew up after the Cowboys reign on top of the world, I haven't seen much success out of the teams that are close to me. Granted, the Dalla…