Tim Tebow-arella

I’m sure all of you are familiar with the story of Cinderella. Cinderella is a young girl that lives with her step-mom and step-sisters that treat her horribly and never give her any credit for all of the work she has to do. Cinderella’s life changes one day when she attends a ball thrown by the royal family and meets the prince. She leaves a slipper in the castle as she rushes out to escape the castle before midnight, and the Prince goes all over the kingdom looking to find who the slipper fits. After much searching, he finally comes across Cinderella and they end up living happily ever after…or at least we assume happily ever after. It is the time of March Madness and is everyone is trying to figure out who this year’s Cinderella team is going to be in the NCAA basketball tournament, but we should be focusing on the real Cinderella man who appears won’t have the happy ending promised in the famous fairytale. This can only describe one man, and he is Tim Tebow.

Football players spend a lot of time around the media. The media sit there and hound them with questions, and often don’t treat the players very well, because they are just worried about themselves and the deadline they have until they have to have a story out. No one hounded Tim Tebow more than the media did, making them Tebow’s step-sisters, so to speak. They constantly told him he wasn’t good enough to be a quarterback, and that he should just try and find another position to play, because he simply couldn’t be successful as an NFL quarterback. He wasn’t the normal type of quarterback people were used to, and, quite frankly, no one would give him a chance to prove people otherwise. So, as Tebow-arella was being harassed by the media, the Denver Broncos were looking anywhere and everywhere for a new quarterback, but just couldn’t find the right fit. They looked through all the normal places trying to find either a veteran that could lead the team, or possibly a younger guy they liked that could develop into a franchise player for them, but they could not find anyone that could help the team win. So, the Broncos looked all over the kingdom that is the NFL and couldn’t find a quarterback to where the slipper fit, that is, until they came across Tim Tebow-arella and gave him a shot to lead the Broncos, and lead he did. He was a peculiar choice, but the Broncos really had no other options available to them at the time and the Bronco faithful quickly fell in love with him. He led the team to an 8-8 season and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card round of the playoffs. With all the hype Tebow brought to the Broncos, and the successful year they had after it seemed like they would only conjure up three wins, it seemed destined that the Broncos would keep him and develop him into their next franchise quarterback. So this is what the Broncos did, and together, Tebow-arella and the Broncos lived happily ever after…well, as Lee Corso would say, not so fast my friend.

The Tim Tebow-arella story doesn’t seem to be going toward a happy ending. At the end of the season last year it seemed like Tebow would remain the Broncos’ quarterback and continue to win games in such a fashion that only a man with a fairy godmother could possibly pull off. The Broncos and Tebow seemed set for the long-term, but then the unthinkable happened, Peyton Manning became available. For all of those out there that have had a girl make them watch The Notebook, this is just like when Rachel McAdams finds the picture of Ryan Goesling in the newspaper and decides she has to go pay him a visit. She is already in a great relationship with another guy, but came running back to her sweetheart of the past when he manages to come back into her life. (I do have a point to this by the way; I’m not just making random references to chick flicks.) To tie this all together, the Broncos paid a visit to Peyton Manning recently and things with the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow, just like how things between Rachel McAdams and her fiancée in The Notebook, were never the same. Sadly, this is the sad alternative ending to the Cinderella story. The prince that found the one that fit the silver slipper ends up leaving Cinderella for an old sweetheart that came available for him. It doesn’t seem right, but I know even my girlfriend would leave me pretty quick if Ryan Goesling became available.
Peyton Manning recently has signed with the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow-arella has to go back to hearing the media step-sisters hound him about how he isn’t good enough to be a professional quarterback and continue to treat him poorly. The silver slipper was a snug fit for Tebow-arella in Denver, but now we will have to see if it will fit as well in New York since Tebow was recently traded to the Jets. Tim Tebow had a true Cinderella vibe about him, but it appears that, for the moment, the clock has struck midnight for him. The Broncos have moved on to their next quarterback, and he is no way a Cinderella. The Broncos look to go on to live happily ever after with their Ryan Goesling in Peyton Manning, and Tim Tebow-arella must go back to being treated horribly until the silver slipper fits him once again.


  1. Definitely a different way to look at this. I'm fairly certain his fairy tale has ended, but I've been wrong before.



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