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Jeremy Lin has captivated fans everywhere with his story. A guy who was very productive in high school was overlooked by almost every college. He attended Harvard University, and is probably the smartest player in the league right now. Lin has been through multiple different cities trying to find a role on a team. Between the D-League, and the end of the bench, it didn't seem like Lin would ever amount to anything special if he ever got the chance to play premium minutes for a team. Well, Lin landed on the New York Knicks recently and, again, was stuck on the end of the bench. That is, of course, until a slew of injuries plagued the Knicks. The Knicks were hurting so bad they turned to the last guy on their bench, the kid from Harvard that was probably going to get cut that week. This kid epitomizes what every player looking for a shot aspires to do once they get their chance. So, when Lin got the call that he was going to be starting for the Knicks inside Madison Square Garden against Derron Williams and the Nets, he probably hopped off his brother's couch he was so excited. (Yes, the man was living in his brother's apartment on a spare couch) So, taking full advantage of his opportunity, Lin went up against one of the premier point guards in the league in Williams, and put up 25 points and 7 assists leading the Knicks to a victory, and from then until now, the rest has been history.

If you were to look at who has scored the most points in the NBA the last 10 games, (excluding tonight) the number one scorer is not LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or Dirk Nowitzki. That spot belongs to Lin. In fact, since the merger of the NBA and ABA, no one has scored as many points as Lin in their first 8 games. Magic Johnson's numbers in his first starts don't even come close to Lin's in comparison. If you take the same amount of games and count assists, only John Stockton has more assists, and it is my opinion that no one will ever have the amount of assists Stockton piled up over his career. (Stockton: 15,806, 2nd place Jason Kidd: 11,693) So to be mentioned in Stockton's company is quite impressive. Lin has started a total of 9 games for the New York Knicks. In those games, he has averaged 25 points, 9.22 assists, and 5.89 turnovers per game. Throw that in with him shooting an average of 53 percent from the field, and these stats are definitely impressive. Possibly the biggest stat for the Knicks in these 9 games though, 8-1, most of which were without Amar'e Stoudemire, and all of which without Carmelo Anthony.

All of the NFL couldn't stop talking about Tim Tebow this past year, and the city of Denver might as well be called Tebow-ville for the cult like following he has in that town. Jeremy Lin has had the same effect for the city of New York. If you would have told me two weeks ago that an Asian player would inspire the city of New York so much that Spike Lee would show up to a game in a Harvard jersey, there is no way I would've believed you. He has though. It is crazy how much New York, and really the whole basketball world, has fallen in love with Jeremy Lin. He's played 9 games and already has countless nicknames. The most popular one branching off from Vince Carter's Toronto Raptors days as "Vinceanity" has been modified and is now "Linsanity" for the insanity he has brought to the city of New York. That city can't wait to throw someone under the bus, and does so every chance they get, yet they love Jeremy Lin up there. Every time he makes a shot or makes a move, it feels the roof is going to come down in that arena. (And that's only what I've seen on TV)

Now, the Lin and Tebow's comparisons stop at driving a city insane. Tebow's numbers were not ever that great until the 4th quarter most games, and sometimes even then they were shaky. Lin is needed consistently throughout the game to run the Knick's offense, whereas Tebow was in charge of a run offense. Also, Lin has never been given credit his entire life. Tebow, on the other hand, is a Heisman Trophy winner, multiple times an All-American, has a national championship, and is arguably one of the greatest college football players ever. Lin put up solid numbers in college, his senior year at Harvard he averaged 16.4 points and 4.52 assists per game. Ironically, Lin's numbers got better from college to pro, Tebow's did not. Now, don't take this the wrong way, I loved watching Tebow play and what he did for the Broncos this past year was amazing. If anything he deserves to have the starting spot next year to see what he can do with an off-season as a starter under his belt. But, as far as the Tebow-Lin comparison goes, changing the culture of a town and being the only thing ever talked about on any sports station, is about all their stories have in common.

I originally thought that the amount of turnovers Lin has per game would eventually be his downfall, but considering the ball is in his hands every possession, the numbers aren't that bad. Lin is averaging 38.89 minutes per game in his last 9 games. May I remind you, there are only 48 minutes per game. So, considering about 81% of every game for the Knicks has Lin running the show, his 5.89 turnovers a game doesn’t look too bad, especially when they are still a part of a 1.57 assist-to-turnover ratio. For a player to log that many minutes, and be this effective, it is nothing short of phenomenal. He has given life to a city that has been so deprived of good basketball for so long, and captivated die-hard and casual basketball fans throughout the country. He has become very fun to watch. With Tebow, I would tune in thinking, well this couldn't go on forever, but then he would impress me and prove me wrong every time. Every time I watch Lin I think that his run has to come to an end soon, but I'm proven wrong night and night out. I can't help but feel good about and root for a guy defying the odds and making the most of his opportunities. I guess the only negative is that his brother is going to have to find a new roommate now.

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