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The NFL Off-Season

With the NBA now in full swing and approaching its midway point, we’re going to take some time to talk about football. A lot of stories have made headlines recently. T.O. is broke and now playing for a team he has partial ownership in, one of the best quarterbacks ever isn’t wanted by his team, and one of the best receivers ever is looking for a team. Throw in the NFL draft offering one of the best prospects some say ever along with a Heisman Trophy winner who continues to impress and you have quite the off-season. Oh, and John Fox continues to show his displeasure towards Tim Tebow.

After some disappointing attempts at having a good year, Terrell Owens seems to no longer have anything left in the tank to play professional football. He tried with the Bengals a couple years ago with Chad Ochocinco, and the two of them were supposed to be one of the best wide receiving duos ever. Well, that didn’t turn out too well. Ochocinco did play in the Super Bowl this past year, but you probably d…

(Insert Jeremy Lin Pun Here)

Jeremy Lin has captivated fans everywhere with his story. A guy who was very productive in high school was overlooked by almost every college. He attended Harvard University, and is probably the smartest player in the league right now. Lin has been through multiple different cities trying to find a role on a team. Between the D-League, and the end of the bench, it didn't seem like Lin would ever amount to anything special if he ever got the chance to play premium minutes for a team. Well, Lin landed on the New York Knicks recently and, again, was stuck on the end of the bench. That is, of course, until a slew of injuries plagued the Knicks. The Knicks were hurting so bad they turned to the last guy on their bench, the kid from Harvard that was probably going to get cut that week. This kid epitomizes what every player looking for a shot aspires to do once they get their chance. So, when Lin got the call that he was going to be starting for the Knicks inside Madison Square Garden ag…

The Player-Coach Relationship

This is a story taken from my journalism class. It pertained to the sports world so I thought I would give it a shot and post in here to get some feedback

The player-coach relationship is vital in sports and directly correlates to how a player performs in game. Relationships are important on and off the field of play between a coach and their players. If they push them too hard, the players may not want to perform for them, and if a coach tries to be too nice to their players then the players don’t respect them and their play will show. This relationship cannot be taken for granted, and depending on how strong the relationship is will go a long way in determining how the players’ game will transfer to the games.

Jake Wodka, junior starting linebacker for Plano West Football said that, “I think that my relationship affects greatly how I play in consideration to morale, confidence, and other mental aspects.”
The confidence players think that their coaches have instilled in them greatly af…

A Special Kraft

During the Super Bowl I will be rooting for a man all of you have rooted for at some point in the past months. Maybe I won't be rooting so much for a certain team since I have no affiliation to either, but it is the man I will rooting for. What, you may ask, makes this man so special? Without this one man there would not have been football this year. Throughout all the off-season labor disputes you rooted for this man to save the day, and he did. Through many different meetings, agendas, personalities, and the passing of his wife, this man persevered through it all to preserve the right of everyone to watch football. A right I'm sure all of you were/are in favor of. Come Sunday at 5:29 my alliances will be on the side of the New England Patriots and their owner who saved football, Mr. Robert Kraft.

Throughout this past summer no one knew if football was going to played this year, or any time in the foreseeable future. The players and the owners could not agree on anything, and …