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The Fascination of Football

There is no other sport like the National Football League. You wait all week for it to come around, and you clear your entire schedule for that day strictly to watch football. No other sport compares to how big football is in America. Baseball may still be America’s pastime, but football is the most-watched sport by far. What is it about the sport though that makes it so appealing? Is it the fact that it only comes on once a week? (For the most part once a week, it’s now slowly taking over every day) Is it because of how physical the sport is? (It is still a physical sport…unless you play quarterback, are about to catch a ball, or are a punter…) Or, is it because of how big fantasy football has become, where some people will have multiple leagues managing a roster of players to compete against friends based on stats? All of these reasons contribute to the ever-rising popularity of the National Football League.

Baseball used to be one of the most-watched sports in America. It use…

Rangers Leading Culture Change in Baseball

You could see the sadness and discomfort on the face of Commissioner Bud Selig as he carefully read his trophy presentation speech to the world from a folded up index card after the St. Louis Cardinals captured their 11 th World Series title. As Selig relayed a speech that was somehow not prepared after seven months of baseball, his tone and mood seemed dejected despite World Series champion Cardinals celebrating around him. With a new champion crowned and a historic, memorable seven game series in the rear view mirror, the celebration on the field and the wide grins on the face of every Cardinal player spoke for themselves. St. Louis was 10 ½ games out of the playoffs on August 25 th , but rallied with a memorable September in which they won 23 of their last 31 games. Despite the excitement surrounding this team, World Series ratings – and playoff ratings – were sadly disappointing. The team of desti…