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Abnormal Consistency

Without Cliff Lee the Texas Rangers will just be an "average team" this year. Those were the words of Lance Berkman after he refused to go to the Texas Rangers this off-season and instead took his talents to play second-fiddle with everyone else in St. Louis to Albert Pujols and the Cardinals. Anyone around the league would say that the Texas Rangers are anything but average. Everything about them is so far from the norm actually that the comments from Berkman are ironic and seemingly comical. What caps off the irony in Berkman's statement is that the "average team" (and also back-to-back American League Champions) will be playing his Cardinals in the World Series.

The Texas Rangers certainly have a unique style to them. Maybe it is because their manager wears his emotions on his sleeve, or because a former owner (oh, and former president too) sits front row at the Ballpark and graciously shakes hands with anyone who comes up to him, or it's possibly because…

Burnt Orange Empire