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Season's Greetings

For a baseball fan, there are certain points in the calendar year that magnify the attention of the sport and intensify the joy and excitement of being a baseball fan. Pitchers and catchers reporting in March is obviously great, as is opening day in April-May, or even a die-hard fan who enjoys reading updates over Christmas break about the progress of the annual Winter Meetings.But one of the prime moments of the season is without question, the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline.
Of course, baseball would have a complex system which devalues the magnitude of the final day of July, because for another month, contending teams can work via the waiver wire and acquire talent to add to their hopeful postseason roster. That deadline – August 31.
However, the biggest and most targeted names on the open market are traded before July 31. Last year, the local Rangers acquired ace Cliff Lee in the first days of July, initiating a chain reaction of transactions which transformed th…

A Powerful Psyche

Two days ago the Texas Rangers and The Ballpark in Arlington witnessed a terrible tragedy on an action that happens countless times at any given baseball game. Rangers' left fielder Josh Hamilton tossed a foul ball into the stands and a fan by the name of Shannon Stone, there with his young son, leaned over the railing in left field to catch the ball tossed by the now four time all star. Stone then lost his balance and fell over the railing 20 feet where he hit his head on the cement near the Oakland Athletics' bullpen. The fan later went on to pass away and numerous foundations have opened up in his honor to try and help his family through this very difficult time. Yesterday, the Texas Rangers held a moment of silence for Mr. Stone, and also wore black ribbons on their jerseys, along with the Athletics, in remembrance of him. Everyone involved was affected by such a horrible accident. The one person Texas Rangers fans cared about the most, as far as a baseball standpoint goes…

What Baseball has Going for Itself

The NFL and NBA are both currently in a lockout setting the stage for Major League Baseball to be the premier sport to talk about in America today. In a time where the biggest football story is how anti-romantic Roy Williams is for mailing in a proposal to a former Miss Texas, baseball has a chance to be what everyone is talking about from July all the way through October. The major story about the NBA is how the lockout will affect the 2011-2012 basketball season, or if there will even be a season next year. With the all-star game just around the corner, Major League Baseball will be the most talked about spectacle across the sporting world, and the only things that prevent that would be a Brett Favre comeback, or LeBron James taking his talents anywhere else.

Major League Baseball's all-star game has the biggest impact on the season more than any other major sport, because it determines who will hold home-field advantage in the World Series between the American League and the Na…