Don't Forget About Us!

The NBA playoffs are long. Too long. The idea that you play 82 games, and then to get a title, can play up to 28 more is absurd. But I’m not complaining – it’s more basketball. When it’s July and the only NBA news your getting is that Joel Pryzbilla has exercised his one-year, $2 million dollar option, that could bring back memories of March and April when you could turn to NBATV every night for more NBA action than any fan deserves.

However, for fans of 16 teams, and the hometown heroes that are knocked out before May begins, the nature of the final rounds of the playoffs – dragging out and extending over weeks and weeks, can be bothersome, or downright annoying. Every year I’ve been breathing has brought that sensation – except twice. 2006 and 2011. The time is now.

This article is not about basketball, it just seems that way. The world of journalism is full of misdirection, whether you like it or not. While the playoff ride for our Dallas Mavericks have been nothing short of the best time of my life, there is another team in town who, despite the majestic run from our basketball team, should not be forgotten.

The time is now? Definitely. But do you remember, “It’s time?”

If you’ve ever attended a Rangers game, one of the grandest moments of the day – by far – is when PA announcer Chuck Morgan gets you out of your seat and introduces the former American League champions to the field. It’s fantastic. I get chills just thinking about it.

Through the mist of the Mavericks run, I feel the Rangers have not gotten sufficient attention from news outlets – locally and nationally. What the Mavs are doing deserves the front page seven days a week, but never before have we been able to call the Rangers, ‘defending American League champs.’ Maybe I’m being picky, and maybe I just want a hate e-mail from the great Randy Galloway himself, but even though one local team is doing something we’ve only seen minimal times in the history of our city, please… don’t forget about the Rangers!

The Rangers had sub-par months of April and May, making no excuses but certainly having them available with injuries to Josh Hamilton and Neftali Feliz, among others. However, they have started June quite well, with a 7-4 record, (6/12) but more importantly beginning the month with a five game winning streak, which included a four-game sweep of the red-hot Cleveland Indians. The Rangers outscored the hottest team in baseball, 26-6, over the span of the four part series.

The AL West has been defined as “up for grabs.” However, the Rangers have had injuries to multiple players, including high profile names, and yet stand at 36-30 with a 2.5 game lead – on the Mariners.

I feel good.


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