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Electronic Interaction

There are certain times of the year that people never forget. For me and many others worldwide, these days are the days when new video games come out. Whether it’s August for the new ‘Madden’ game or October for the new ‘NBA 2K’ series edition, or March because Sony has released the newest form of beautiful baseball gaming in ‘The Show’ saga. There’s an aluminous spotlight shining all over the globe on these rare occasions. There’s nothing more satisfying than spending hours – no, days – committed to a make believe roster you believe you are actually guiding to a make believe championship. It’s great. Really great.But this isn’t IGN, or even an affiliate of IGN, (call me) so what do our viewers at Day to Day Sports want to know about video games? Well, it’s simple.I’m an avid sports fan. Colby is too. We love sports. Our motto clearly states that we love sports and we don’t care who knows it. But, there’s a common ground with both of us. While my colleague might be better at role play…


The Dallas Mavericks are NBA Champions. That may never get old to say. It took me a while to try and find the words to describe the Mavericks title run this year, and I still don’t really know what to say about it. Some would call it improbable, others may call it lucky, but I’ll go ahead and go with glorious. defines the word glorious as wonderful; completely enjoyable, as well as brilliantly beautiful or magnificent; splendid. The Dallas Mavericks were an underdog throughout the post-season, but went on to be crowned champions. The whole playoff run seems improbable just looking back on it all. Caron Butler, arguably the Mavericks’ second best player while he was healthy, was not part of this playoff run. The playoff road went through a scrappy Portland team, swept across Los Angeles, flew through Oklahoma City, and ended in Miami. As improbable as it seems, I know as a fan that the whole playoff experience was brilliantly beautiful, it was magnificent.


How does it feel to be a Champion?

All my life, I’ve gone through the motions. Whether I’m walking through the hallways at school, or just taking a casual walk in the neighborhood. Something has been missing. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but something was definitely missing. I felt a lack of confidence, a sense of disappointment, a hole in my life. I had no idea what it was, until June 12, 2011. The vacant space in my life had not only been identified, but filled. I had a championship.Over the years, I have been labeled the “sports geek” of my class. No prom, no homecoming, no Saturday night parties, instead I was taking in NBA action up until spring and then spending summer nights soaking in the beautiful phenomenon of Major League Baseball.This has not gotten me far in the social world. Girls? Forget about it. Popularity? Long gone. But that’s not what life is about. It’s about doing what you enjoy and people will criticize you, but I could not be happier right now with the person I am – a sports geek – than …

Don't Forget About Us!


A Quiet Confidence

Tonight the Dallas Mavericks have a chance to win their first NBA Championship in franchise history. The only other opportunity to win the Larry O'Brien Trophy was in 2006 when the Mavericks lost to the Miami Heat. Dallas was up 2 games to 0 and had a big 4th quarter leader on the Heat in game 3 to take a commanding 3-0 lead, but Dwyane Wade and the Heat had different plans, and went on to take games 3, 4, 5, and 6 and win the Larry O'Brien Trophy on Dallas' home floor at the American Airlines Center. Dallas' all-star forward Dirk Nowitzki was quoted in saying that the Mavericks gave the game and the series away. Dwyane Wade countered in his post-game press conference by saying that the Mavericks losing the series was all on Nowitzki's shoulders, because of his inability to hit clutch shots and inability to lead his team. Ever since 2006, the Dallas Mavericks have been plagued with having to remember the 2006. Slowly but surely throughout this year, though, they h…


I want you to take yourself back two or three years from today, and get in that mindset of Dallas Maverick basketball. When Rick Carlisle first took over this Dallas team, they were still feeling the burn of a crushing defeat to the Miami Heat in the 2006 NBA Finals where Dwyane Wade, with the help of the officials, took a championship trophy away from Dallas by winning 4 straight games after Dallas had won the first two at home. The team, as well as their best player Dirk Nowitzki, was considered soft and if you were to push them around they would fold. This held true with bad defeats repeatedly in the first round of the playoffs after very successful regular seasons. They had a very bad reputation, mostly built under Don Nelson, to not play defense. Avery Johnson tried to change the philosophy but could only get so far. Now, I would like to bring you back to the present. The Dallas Mavericks today are a resilient team that does not give up. A team whose best player is able to play t…

Close, but Not Quite There...Yet

Time after time the Miami Heat took a lead and stretched out to double digits, or very close to double digits, and time after time the Dallas Mavericks would fight, scratch, and claw their way back to put the game within a single possession, or tie. After the tie the Heat would take the lead again and the whole vicious circle would start anew. Mavericks' coach Rick Carlisle mentioned in his post-game press conference that it is very difficult to come back from behind so many times. Granted, the Mavericks have been anointed the comeback kings this post-season with double digit comebacks most notably against the Oklahoma City Thunder and, more recently, the Miami Heat in game 2. It just seemed like every time Dallas would go on a run to tie that game, the next time you looked up at the scoreboard the Heat would be up 7 or 8 points before you even knew what happened. Ultimately, all the scratching and clawing the Mavericks tried to come back and take game 3 came up short with a last …

Premature Celebrations

With 7 minutes and 13 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Dwyane Wade hit a 3-pointer in the corner to put the Heat up 15 points and seemingly put away the Dallas Mavericks not only in game 2, but for the series. The whole series of the Heat getting seemingly every loose ball, the Mavs looking like they just ate buttered popcorn and couldn't hang onto the ball, and just the inability to put the ball in the basket as the Heat made their run. Although, with 7:13 left in the game, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James started prematurely celebrating directly in front of the Mavs bench. Personally, I was furious. I changed the channel for a couple of minutes and snapped my pencil in half out of anger that Dallas wasn't playing up to what their potential during the Finals. The Oklahoma City comeback was in the back of my mind, but it was a distant memory at the time. Against the Thunder, the Mavericks went on a 17-2 run. Back to game 2 of the finals, the fans in Miami have a newfound ritual wi…