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Rapid Reaction to Game 1

I'll try and make this one short and to the point seeing that I have exams to study for. The Mavericks lost a tough game to the Heat tonight as they fell 92-84 in a very defensive minded game. How defensive you may ask? Both teams shot underneath 40%. To put that into perspective, Dallas is averaging 39% just from the 3-point line. The game started out as two teams trying to just size up the other. Both the Mavs and Heat came out a little timid, especially one Shawn Marion who got it together later in the game. Both teams traded blows back and forth throughout the game with multiple lead changes, but the Heat were able to withstand and give out enough body blows to win game 1 of the series. The first game 1 the Mavericks have dropped this post season.

What Went Wrong?

Remember that symbolic game to sweep the Lakers and send Phil Jackson fishing? The Mavericks bench had 89 points in that game, tying the total of the entire Laker team. The Mavs bench put 17 points tonight. 12 of them…

"We Aint Done Yet"

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 100-96 in game 5 tonight to become the Western Conference Champions and earn a spot to play the Eastern Conference Champions in the NBA Finals. A rivalry seems to be brewing across Interstate 35 between the Mavericks and Thunder. I won't compare to it Heat vs. Celtics, but it is still a rivalry in the making. If I could use one word to describe why the Mavericks are able to be in the 2011 NBA Finals, it would be determination. In game 4 Dallas was down by 15 points with less than 5 minutes to play. In the past 15 years, including regular season and post season, 5,016 teams have been down 15 points with less than 5 minutes to play. The only team to ever to come back from such a deficit is the Dallas Mavericks. The entire Mavericks organization has been telling those on the outside that they are different, but to comeback from a lead that has proven statistically to be insurmountable is what makes a good team great. After such …

No Need to Panic

The Dallas area was finally brought down to earth tonight as the Mavs fell 106-100 to the Thunder. Knowing the media of the Dallas area, panic will ensue over the Mavericks losing their first home game of this year's playoffs. All of the what if's will start to come out. The scenario that now that the series goes to OKC the Mavericks will go on to lose game 3, then game 4 will be a must win to avoid going down 3-1 to very scrappy Oklahoma City Thunder team.
Let's relax for a little bit here. The Mavericks lost a game by 6 in a game where their bench was outscored by 21 points. May I remind you that this is the same Maverick bench that matched the entire Laker team in game 4 of that series? Jason Terry's hot streak finally came to an end as he ended the game with just 8 points. The bench was led tonight by J.J. Barea who was the spark plug to the Maverick team, and to the fans inside of the American Airlines center. The Mavericks are a team with mostly jump shooters who…