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2011 NBA Playoff X-Factors:

The Blame Game

The Texas Rangers play a very aggressive style of baseball. High risk high reward. The question being asked about yesterday's aggressiveness is, was there really that much reward for the risk that was involved? The play that I'm talking about, of course, is the now infamous attempt of Texas Rangers Outfielder Josh Hamilton trying to score from third base by tagging up on a pop fly in foul territory about 60% of the way down third base. The end result of the play being that third base coach David Anderson decided to send Hamilton in an attempt to steal a run with now two outs in the inning. The opportunity presented itself when the Detroit Tigers' third baseman went over to catch the ball near the stands, and the catcher also followed to try and get the batter out. Watching without a clue would be the Tigers' pitcher who, in this situation, is supposed to be covering home plate. He was not, and with a superior athlete like Hamilton, Anderson decided to tell him to tag u…

Time to Step it Up

Anyone remember that time when the Dallas Mavericks were one of the more feared teams in the league and had a chance at challenging the Spurs for the top spot? Because that just seems like a distant memory to me right now. You can use as many excuses as you want, but right now it just looks like the Mavs are not getting it done, primarily, in pressure situations. The last two Maverick games I was able to attend was their last match up at the American Airlines Center against the Lakers, and just recently against the Suns. The game against the Lakers was huge for the Mavs in proving that they were indeed for real and a force to be reckoned with in the West. And, in my opinion, they played hard and in the end just couldn't do enough to get the victory. The Mavericks were bullied around on the low-block by Bynum and Odom all night and that proved to be one of the reasons that they couldn't pull out a victory. The Mavericks' D even managed to keep Kobe Bryant in check for the m…

Not so Lazy Sunday

On a typical lazy Sunday there is usually nothing to watch. Last Sunday was far from that though. So what kept my attention and my eyes glued to the television screen for four hours last Sunday? That would be nothing other than the Masters. The Masters has been advertising on CBS since professional football still existed, and it actually managed to live up to the hype. The story lines were endless and it seemed that with each passing minute someone else either was tied for the lead, or moving into a position to take the lead. It’s a rarity, but golf drew my attention for the majority of the day. Amongst all the story lines the two most popular would have to be the collapse of Rory Mcilroy and the charge Tiger Woods made up the leader board throughout the front nine. Forget that Carl Schwartzer played magnificent golf all day long, and ultimately was able to pull away and put his arms through the green jacket.
I'll be honest though, I've grown up in the era of Tiger Woods, and …

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