Business is Business

What is it with the trade deadline? It seems that as it approaches teams are pressured to make a move. Almost as if peer pressure sets in with the rest of the teams in the NBA. Although I guess that really goes with any trade deadline, but as for right now in the NBA, even not making a move can heavily affect a franchise and their hopes to win the championship.
You get all sorts of things as the deadline approaches. Players that have wanted out for seasons now finally get their wish granted (Mr. Carmelo Anthony) and players you would never expect to get traded are sent to a new home (Mr. Kendrick Perkins). You also witness players who are very unhappy with their new teams (Baron Davis) and then players who might finally get a chance after playing behind a star (Goran Dragic). And players find new homes, because they simply went against the whole organization (Derron Williams). Now, for those who don't know, Carmelo Anthony, formerly of the Denver Nuggets was traded to the New York Knicks for half of their team, and I believe front row tickets to sit next to Spike Lee. Kendrick Perkins, formerly of the Boston Celtics, was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Jeff Green. Baron Davis, formerly of the L.A. Clippers was traded to the worst team in the league (also statistically literally the worst team ever) the Cleveland Cavaliers. Goran Dragic, former backup point guard of the Phoenix Suns behind Steve Nash, was traded to the Houston Rockets for Chris Rock, I mean, Aaron Brooks. (Look at their pictures I think they were separated at birth). Lastly, Derron Williams, former starting point guard of the Utah Jazz, was traded to the New Jersey Nets for Devin Harris and others.
Carmelo Anthony had wanted out of Denver for a while now. He aspired to be a star and there is no better place to be a star other than Madison Square Garden playing beside arguably the best power forward in the league, Amar'e Stoudemire. It was debated for a while where Melo would end up. The New Jersey Nets were fighting heavily to land the Syracuse product, but Anthony refused to sign an extension to continue to play for the Nets beyond this season. If he wasn't traded right away, Anthony more than likely would have signed with the Knicks at the season's end. Only thing is, if Anthony was traded to the Nets, he was going to sign the extension. Why you ask? Money. It would be downright stupid if Anthony refused to sign an extension. If Anthony were to sign his contract extension right now, he could earn up to $32.5 million for the rest of his contract. If he were to sign after his contract expired it would be under the new CBA, which would only allow Anthony to sign for the maximum which is $11.5 million. (For the record I would take $11.5 million in a heartbeat) But for Anthony, would lose roughly $21 million if he were not to sign his extension. Although, no worries here, Melo was traded to the Knick and was able to sign his extension so everything seemed to work out for the Syracuse product.
Every playoff series the Boston Celtics have played with a healthy Kendrick Perkins, they have won. Perkins has been the kryptonite to the Orlando Magic's superman, and a defensive force against any other big man that came into the Celtics way. One of the most surprising trades right before the deadline was the trade of Kendrick Perkins to the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was reported that, once informed of the news, all of the Celtics' veterans were in shock and had their heads down in silence and disbelief that one of the most inspirational leaders on their team had been traded away. Think about what I said to start off this part about Perkins. When he has been healthy the Celtics have not lost a playoff series. You find me another player that is undefeated in every playoff series they have played in and has multiple championship rings. I, like the Celtics veterans, am in shock over this trade, and don't know how this will affect the Celtics mentally off the court, as well as their play on the court.
Here is your scenario for a player that is unhappy about where he was traded... As you sit on your L.A. beach residence overlooking the beautiful landscape and realize that your team is on the rise, especially with a new rookie that seems to have a spectacular hi light every night. Then all of a sudden you get a call from your agent saying that you have been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that has lost more games in a row than any other team in the history of the NBA. Also, the city of Cleveland nowhere near compares to the city of Los Angeles. Well, this is how Baron Davis feels. He is unhappy about his new home, but as ESPN's Colin Cowherd said on his radio show The Herd, it is your job and your getting paid to do it. So Davis can be as upset as he wants, but after all the NBA is a business and this is what happens. Business is business.
Goran Dragic is far from a household name. He is the backup point guard for the Phoenix Suns behind two time MVP of the league Steve Nash. Dragic shows a lot of potential, but playing behind Steve Nash, it is hard to showcase how good you really are. Nash and Dragic have a good relationship, as Nash tweeted that "he will miss his good friend Goran Dragic" and that he "wishes him the best". Truly a class act from Nash, one can only wish Brett Favre could act the same way towards Aaron Rogers, but that’s a different story for a different day.
It is argued that multiple heated arguments in Utah between point guard Derron Williams and head coach Jerry Sloan forced Sloan to retire, because he was simply too old to deal with these kind of issues. Williams and Sloan both argue that these facts hold no truth, but we can only speculate as to if there was at least a little truth to the accusations. Besides arguing with Sloan, The Colony High School alumnus also insulted the entire Utah Jazz organization. A few weeks later, Williams found himself packing his bags to New Jersey.
The trade deadline is always kind of peculiar, seeing that it sparks teams to make deals you never thought they would make. When the final hours approach it all turns to a trade-a-palooza with players leaving their long-time homes for a new place they may have never been before. Unhappy players become happy, and happy players become unhappy. Amongst all other things, the NBA is a business and business is business. With trades maybe new players will get the chance they have always deserved, perhaps the new team will provide them opportunities they could not have had with other teams. But only time will tell, of course until next year at this time when team after team is pressured to make a deal that will make them "poised to make a run at the title" while in the process they in fact hurt their chances short term and long term. What else can you say, but business is business.



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