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Why Robert Griffin III Should Win the Heisman

Each year, five players are gathered together in New York to receive one of the most prestigious awards in all of collegiate or professional sports, the Heisman trophy. The Heisman Trust Mission Statement reads that the award is given to the player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. It goes on to say that winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work. Five players in all of college football were invited to the ceremony to receive the award. Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck, Baylor Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III, Wisconsin Badgers running back Monte Ball, Alabama Crimson Tide running back Trent Richardson, and LSU Tigers defensive back Tryann Mathieu. All of these players have had exceptional seasons to get them in the running to see who will win the coveted award, but, in my eyes, one player stands above the rest, and that player is Robert Griffin III.

Robert Griffin III is arguably the best pl…

It's Broke, Fix It

There’s a saying that says “If it aint broke don’t fix it” Well, there is something wrong with the BCS system and it needs to be fixed. The system takes into account all the match ups on paper. Who has what team beaten, what was the score, where was the game played, what was the opposing team ranked, among various other criteria. If this is the way the BCS plans to try and decide who the top two teams are, then I don’t even think they should play the game. If this is how the polls work and if this is the idea of how to determine the best team in the nation, they might as well run a simulation through the computers to see who wins the games, because, frankly, not everything can be decided on paper. Take into account the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Cowboys blew out two highly ranked teams in now number 14 Oklahoma and now number 12 in the final polls Baylor. The only problem is that Oklahoma State had one loss. This loss came just a day after a tragedy took place that shook the campus. …

The Fascination of Football

There is no other sport like the National Football League. You wait all week for it to come around, and you clear your entire schedule for that day strictly to watch football. No other sport compares to how big football is in America. Baseball may still be America’s pastime, but football is the most-watched sport by far. What is it about the sport though that makes it so appealing? Is it the fact that it only comes on once a week? (For the most part once a week, it’s now slowly taking over every day) Is it because of how physical the sport is? (It is still a physical sport…unless you play quarterback, are about to catch a ball, or are a punter…) Or, is it because of how big fantasy football has become, where some people will have multiple leagues managing a roster of players to compete against friends based on stats? All of these reasons contribute to the ever-rising popularity of the National Football League.

Baseball used to be one of the most-watched sports in America. It use…

Rangers Leading Culture Change in Baseball

You could see the sadness and discomfort on the face of Commissioner Bud Selig as he carefully read his trophy presentation speech to the world from a folded up index card after the St. Louis Cardinals captured their 11 th World Series title. As Selig relayed a speech that was somehow not prepared after seven months of baseball, his tone and mood seemed dejected despite World Series champion Cardinals celebrating around him. With a new champion crowned and a historic, memorable seven game series in the rear view mirror, the celebration on the field and the wide grins on the face of every Cardinal player spoke for themselves. St. Louis was 10 ½ games out of the playoffs on August 25 th , but rallied with a memorable September in which they won 23 of their last 31 games. Despite the excitement surrounding this team, World Series ratings – and playoff ratings – were sadly disappointing. The team of desti…

Abnormal Consistency

Without Cliff Lee the Texas Rangers will just be an "average team" this year. Those were the words of Lance Berkman after he refused to go to the Texas Rangers this off-season and instead took his talents to play second-fiddle with everyone else in St. Louis to Albert Pujols and the Cardinals. Anyone around the league would say that the Texas Rangers are anything but average. Everything about them is so far from the norm actually that the comments from Berkman are ironic and seemingly comical. What caps off the irony in Berkman's statement is that the "average team" (and also back-to-back American League Champions) will be playing his Cardinals in the World Series.

The Texas Rangers certainly have a unique style to them. Maybe it is because their manager wears his emotions on his sleeve, or because a former owner (oh, and former president too) sits front row at the Ballpark and graciously shakes hands with anyone who comes up to him, or it's possibly because…

Burnt Orange Empire


Why Peyton Manning Should Win the MVP

Peyton Manning is to the Colts what cheese is to a pizza. Without one, the other falls apart. Does anyone realize what Manning has done with so little to achieve so much? The Colts had to pull multiple players off of the practice squad in order to field a team last year when injuries were a big part of their season. The only go to target Manning had was Reggie Wayne and defenses were beginning to double and triple team him because that is all the Colts had. Joseph Addai is nowhere near a top tier running back so it’s not like Manning can just hand the ball off to a dynamic playmaker and let him make something happen. Instead, Manning turned Austin Collie into a go-to receiver that puts up quality numbers week in and week out when he isn’t on the sidelines for a concussion or any other injury. Manning also was successful with the Blair White project and was able to get him the ball in crucial situations down the stretch of ball games. Despite a banged up offense, an already small and a…

2011 NFL Season Predictions