These Mavericks Are Finally For Real, Again.

No fan of the Dallas Mavericks can think twice about team's past without thinking of the seasons in 2006 and 2007. It cannot be done. It's simply impossible for die-hards like Colby, myself, and the MFFL nation to forget what happened. No need to explain, if you need to to explain, please explore other blogs, may I suggest fashion or home living?

The Mavericks haven't been taken seriously by the rest of the NBA since getting bounced by the up-tempo, Don Nelson coached Golden State Warriors in the first round of the playoffs in 2007. 67-15 wasn't enough. Dirk winning MVP wasn't enough. Not even did the series reach a seventh game back in the "Big D," because these so called "Final Contenders" stood no chance beating the Warriors on the home court.

They just couldn't do it.

2008 - no different, the Hornets made quick work of the Mavericks with an up-tempo offense and smothering interior defense.

2009 - A series win, but an early second round exit, but Antoine Wright fouled Carmelo Anthony, we swear! Either way...done in 5.

2010 - A hyped up team drops dead in round one to the rival Spurs...bitter, bitter, and embarrassing.

Let's bring in Stephen A. Smith to change the mood and tempo, if you will, of the topic at hand.


The Dallas Mavericks of 2010 are different - because of one player.

Yes, just one.

In the past, we've always had talented teams that lacked one component NEEDED by teams to win in the playoffs - especially in the West.


Dirk can try, Dampier and Diop never were, and Haywood can only be so much of it, but this off-season when the Mavericks made the long-awaited move of flipping Erick Dampier's expiring contract to Charlotte for Tyson Chandler - things changed.

Chandler was ecstatic, more then Marcin Gortat was when he was sure the Magic wouldn't match a guaranteed $30 million dollars to a raw big man TO BACK UP their franchise player. Yes, back up. Yes, millions...but they did.

The Mavericks have tried to find toughness in a variety of big men over the years. Dampier had it for a few days back in 2006 - maybe. Diop flopped his way out of Dallas. Ryan Hollins was the answer - the wrong one. Hollins is simply a trampoline with limbs looking to send anything he can into the fourth row. And it's a real bummer when a guy like that, with those goals, those aspirations - can't make a layup. But hey, neither could the forever-infamous Mav Erick Dampier!

Tyson Chandler might miss a lay-up. But the difference with him than all the other players...he's dunking that ****er ****ing basketball! The Mavericks have NEVER had someone in recent memory who WANTS TO, actually desires to slam the ball in around the rim.

Chandler did all the things he's doing for us in this great 2010 start to the season - to us - in the 2007 Playoffs. Go figure, he was healthy that year and the Hornets haven't had a season like that since.

So, in a lot of words from someone who's had a lot to say for a long time coming, but has just been too busy to say it... Tyson Chandler is THE REASON the Dallas Mavericks are being taken seriously - again. Not as a contender, but a legitimate contender for the NBA Finals.



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