The Man Who Couldn't Retire, Even if he Tried

In what seems to be that last hours of his 20 year career in the NFL, after a devastating hit against the Buffalo Bills that injured the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, it seems like Brett Favre still won't be able to leave the game of football, or at least the game of football won't seem to leave him. Every post game press conference Favre has given this year sounds like his swan song. It is almost as if the fat lady is in the process of beginning of sing, but she just can't get the words out, not quite yet anyway.
In a way, this season for number 4 seems to be a strange parallel on his whole career. In the beginning of the year he seemed to be returning from the fountain of youth with that little kid enthusiasm he brings to the game. As the season progressed, he had to do more and more all by himself and started forcing throws and giving up interceptions. Later on this led to arguments with the coach, which ultimately, Favre won. As well as starting to throw interception after inception,
but still managing to lead the offense down the field just one last time to go win the game. As the the long, grueling season wore on, Favre suffered injuries that he somehow managed to play through despite the pain. Now, after the hit he took in the Buffalo Bills game, we all thought Favre to be done, even Favre though he was done. But, I'll be dammed if Favre doesn't sup rise all of us just one final time. This whole year has been a parallel to his whole career. Starting with the spunk he brought with the Packers. The mistakes he made near the end of his career in Green Bay, the arguments in Minnesota to go along with the interceptions, but still winning games. And, who can forget, the saga of will he or won't he every year about whether or not Favre would lace them up for just one more year.
The iron man, as he is sometimes called, played 297 consecutive regular season NFL football games. (321 is you include playoffs) 321 straight starts. To put it into perspective, Favre went out and played against the best athletes trying to take his head off every day for 10 and a half months straight. All the while playing through pain, sickness, and whatever else you could possibly play with, the man has simply done it all. No matter what the situation, we all expected to see Favre buckle up that chinstrap over that peach fuzz of his...well, he never really buckled up his chinstrap, still doesn't, but I'm sure you get what I'm getting at. So now, Brett Favre plays 321 consecutive games, the latter part of these games he has taken the starting role away from 2nd string quarterback Taveras Jackson. Jackson plays one game and suffers turf toe. After one game, it seems as if the Vikinkgs back-up quarterback won't be able to fill in, falling 320 games short of Favre's record. The third string quarterback, after barely getting any time last Monday, has a strained hamstring and is also questionable. Just when you thought it was over, just when you thought you had seen the last of number 4, it seems as if he may have to go in and throw the ball around a few more times. (Hopefully he just hands off to Adrian Peterson, there are fantasy implications here) But doesn't it seem like everyone is rooting for Favre? I'll be honest, when he was in Green Bay throwing interceptions everywhere and losing zip on his fastball I thought he should have retired. I thought he should have retired the year after that, following his experimentation as quarterback of the New York Jets. But now, after leading the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship, I'm kind of glad he came back for one last year. After a great season, statistically one of his best reasons, I can see why Favre would want to come back. Especially when teammates are calling him asking questions as much as Ed Werder, that's when you know you have to come back. Although for the record, I really hope he retires after this year. He can't be like the McRib and have farewell tour after farewell tour. We have all enjoyed you Brett, but after this year, it is time.
Doesn't it seem as if even the supernatural tried to play a role in Favre starting this past week? The New York Giants get snowed in at an airport and are unable to get to the Metrodome to play the Vikings. At this time the 12:00 start would not have favored Favre extending the streak. With these two instances, Fox moved the game to 3:15. On Saturday Favre said that it was very unlikely he would be able to play Sunday's game in the Metrodome, so what happened? Snow drifts like you have never seen before gathered on top of the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Metrodome literally collapsed. If Brett Favre wasn't playing in the Metrodome on Sunday, nobody was. Anything that gave Favre an opportunity for a miracle of healing to be able to go under center and lead the Vikings. Sadly though, even the
supernatural couldn't salvage Favre's consecutive streak record, and that number is now stopped at 297 consecutive regular season games played. After the streak was broken, there was talks of Favre being put on IR to end his season and more then likely his career. This was in assumption that the other two quarterbacks could hold the position down until the end of the year. Just as Favre began to accept this, Taveras Jackson is diagnosed with turf toe and the 3rd string quarterback has a strained hamstring leaving them both questionable for their upcoming game. Even when Favre tries to retire it seems like the game keeps pulling him in, not wanting him to leave, or at least, not just yet. For years Brett has thought about retiring, and even has retired, but always changed his mind and came back for just one more year. Now, in his 20th year as an NFL quarterback even when Brett Favre tries to retire, it doesn't seem like the game will let him. No one wants the illustrious career of number 4 to end. The story of a gunslinger from Mississippi that just goes out on the field and has fun. The grown man who plays the game of football with the enthusiasm as a little boy. It seems to me that Brett Favre will go under center just one more time to give everyone young and old something to cheer for, a real living legend. After years of indecision and indecisiveness that even Best Buy commercials mocked, Favre just can't leave the game he loves. He truly is, the man couldn't retire, even if he tried.



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