Joy to the Metroplex...

'Twas the night before Christmas, and the sports fans of the DFW metroplex scattered around in the rain and the cold to finish their last minute shopping, and to find a seat in church. As a sports fan in the DFW area, I like to acknowledge the joys that have been brought to us so far this year. The joys, and well, the disappointments as well. I'll start off with this, a question posed to even the most optimistic of sports fans, how far did you really expect the Texas Rangers to go in the beginning of the season? If you said to the World Series, odds are you were probably lying or you mistook the Rangers for a different team. The Texas Rangers had been the doormat of a fairly competitive American League West the past few years, but this year was different. This year the Texas Rangers gave the fans something to cheer about that they haven't gotten to cheer for in some time...good baseball, and a team that showed heart. If nothing else, the Texas Rangers played with the most heart of any team in the DFW area; their heart coupled with the signing of Cliff Lee, and AL MVP Josh Hamilton, are the reasons why they became American League West Champions, and made it to the World Series. How much can this city get behind a team playing with heart? Well, on halloween, didn't it feel like there weren't as many ill-mannered kids outside barging in your front door for candy? Well, you can thank the Texas Rangers for that, because almost every family was in their living room watching the Texas Rangers in their magical run to the World Series. Although the Rangers didn't complete their cinderella story and defeat the San Francisco Giants in the World Series, they were still able to bring out the true fan in all of us in the way they played down the stretch. This is the type of play, and the result, all fans can be thankful for. In fact, it really doesn't even seem real that the Texas Rangers went to the World Series this year. Needless to say, the Rangers season, was Christmas come early for all DFW sports fans.
I'll make the disappointing quick since, after all, 'tis the season. The Dallas Cowboys had the greatest expectations of any team in the DFW area possibly ever. They were expected to blow through the NFL and win the Super Bowl in thier very own stadium, a feat that would have czar Jerry smiling from ear to ear no doubt, but sadly, Mr. Jones got coal in his stocking this year as the Cowboys were a major disappointment and seemingly gave up halfway through the year. Adding to the matter was coach Wade Phillips getting a pink slip over his fireplace for Christmas, but it all led to a man that seems to finally have the mindset of the Dallas Cowboys in the right direction, Mr. Jason Garrett, the interim, yet soon to be, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Possibly the first coach since Jimmy Johnson (possibly Bill Parcells) that has shown control over his team. Now, all the Cowboys need is a re-evaluation of talent and their starting quarterback back from Candice Crawford.(or should I say Candice Romo?) The Cowboys are in a rebuilding stage even though they have a decent amount of talent, its not Dallas Cowboys talent, and to get to where they ultimately want to be they will have to put in a lot of hard work and show some heart to get there, and I think Jason Garrett is the guy for the job. Although, Jon Gruden is still the coach I want for this team, I have faith in Garrett.
OK back to more uplifting stuff! The Dallas Stars are arguably one of the hottest teams in the NHL. Odds are you didn't know that, because you don't follow hockey. The Stars started out on a hot streak, fell off the map a little bit, but then got hot again going into the Christmas break. A hot streak that has been a magical sleigh ride to the top of thier division. More good news is the play of the Dallas Mavericks. As reported by Ace Feltman in a previous post, the Mavs seem to be much more energized since the arrival of Tyson Chandler. If anything, Tyson Chandler was a present under the Mavs tree this year. All the other teams and the local media poked fun at the Mavs for only getting a Tyson Chandler and not a LeBron James or a Chris Bosh. Well, the Mavs responded by beating the Heat with both those players, and the local media and other teams are now jealous of the Mavs. What children...they should be the ones getting coal this Christmas...But really, the Mavericks are arguably one of the best teams in the NBA right now. Will they get any love? No. The Mavericks have beaten the Heat I believe it is 13 straight times in a row now,(Funny, why couldn't they just have won 2 games out of 5 in '06) but Collin Cowherd still has the Heat above the Mavericks in his power rankings. Funny, The Mavericks beat the heat in Dallas, the Heat go on a 12 game winning streak, and then the Mavs beat the Heat in Miami during a back to back road trip, and Miami is still better then the Mavs, Collin? As Cris Carter would say, C'mon man. The Mavs are playing with a little extra something this year, and that is something that I am extremely thankful for. As I get back into the basketball mood of things and slowly move away from the local football team that I can barely watch, the Mavericks continue to impress. They will get no love from national media, but there is no need. I am fine with the Mavericks having low expectations and having no pressure. If anything I don't want them to end up like the Cowboys. If anything, these Mavericks enjoy being the underdog and are focused solely on their next opponent. That type of play is what I'm most thankful for this Christmas.
So as the little ones wake you up at 5 in the morning to open gifts that you more than likely bought them yesterday, I want you sports fans to go back and remember what brings joy to you and what you are most thankful for in the sports world. Sure, the Cowboys are in last place in the division behind a team that has no idea what to do with a pro bowl quarterback and defensive tackle, but hey, at least we get a decently high draft pick right? Maybe that will be somewhat of a late Christmas gift to all of us Cowboys fans. And besides, to brighten your mood, think of the first place Dallas Stars, or the red hot Dallas Mavericks. They both are truly the best stocking stuffers you can ask for. But as for that one gift that you've been anticipating all year, the little red tricycle or video game, or car speakers that you've wanted for who knows how long, well, that gift to you fans, is the Texas Rangers. A team that showed extraordinary heart and surpassed everyone's greatest expectations this past year. They truly were, Christmas coem early.
As for another awesome Chrismtas preesnt, maybe Day To Day Sports is something that has really made you smile, laugh, and think over the past months, and something you really look forward to every day? No? Well I hope you keep reading anyway! So for everyone else here at Day To Day Sports, which I guess is just Asher, we would like to wish all of our fans a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.



  1. We cover the Stars? man, we're really branching out , but i guess the W's speak for themselves.


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