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Joy to the Metroplex...

'Twas the night before Christmas, and the sports fans of the DFW metroplex scattered around in the rain and the cold to finish their last minute shopping, and to find a seat in church. As a sports fan in the DFW area, I like to acknowledge the joys that have been brought to us so far this year. The joys, and well, the disappointments as well. I'll start off with this, a question posed to even the most optimistic of sports fans, how far did you really expect the Texas Rangers to go in the beginning of the season? If you said to the World Series, odds are you were probably lying or you mistook the Rangers for a different team. The Texas Rangers had been the doormat of a fairly competitive American League West the past few years, but this year was different. This year the Texas Rangers gave the fans something to cheer about that they haven't gotten to cheer for in some time...good baseball, and a team that showed heart. If nothing else, the Texas Rangers played with the most …

The Cliff Lee Factor

In a heated competition between the Texas Rangers and New York Yankess to give the most money to pitcher Cliff Lee, they both lost to the non-reported third team that was the Philadelphia Phillies. Lee never really seemed to be interested in the Yankees and how they do business; Lee, however, enjoyed his time with the Rangers and if it wasn't for the Phillies jumping in at the last second Lee would have once again been the ace in the Texas Ranger starting rotation. But ultimately the Phillies is where the dominant Arkansas native ended up. The Phillies to Lee, can be compared to the girl that got away. Lee did not expect to part ways with the Phillies, but the decision was not up to him and the Phillies decided to cut ties with the pitcher that led them to the World Series. While Lee enjoyed the time he had in Texas, and was able to stay clear of the lust of the Big Apple, you just can't put a price on the one that got away. Philadelphia had become Lee's home and that'…

The Art of Returning (Feature Post)

The art of returning punts and kicks in the NFL has long been a sought after skill, as in just one play it is possible to change the momentum and outcome of the game. This week in the NFL, there were 3 punts returned for a touchdown, 2 kicks brought back all the way, and a guard for the Patriots lumbered down to the 4 yard line after slowly running a punt back 60+ yards. Brad Smith of the Jets returned the opening kickoff 97 yards for his team, starting off the momentum as ol' Rex's Jets powered past the Steelers. The Philadelphia Eagles battled back from 21 down in the 4th quarter against division rival Giants thanks to the help of MVP Candidate Michael Vick. However, the game was set to go into overtime if it was not for a miraculous 65 punt return from the versatile Desean Jackson*, who fumbled the ball and then proceeded to zip past the Giants Special Teams basically untouched.

Editor's Note: The Cowboys chose Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins in the first round o…

Sunday in Review

Sunday December 19 was indeed a crazy today for the NFL. Some of the happenings included Multiple back-up/3rd string quarterbacks started, a 28 point comeback in 7+ minutes capped off by a walk off punt return, an offensive lineman returning a kickoff 73 yards, as well as one team clinching a playoff birth even with a loss. For those of us sit on the couch and watch football all day, we were certainly entertained.
A Barrage of Back-ups
Leading the Green Bay Packers to a near victory against the hottest team in the NFL right now with 3 touchdowns was none other than...Matt Flynn? With Aaron Rogers failing to pass the standard NFL concussion test, Matt Flynn made his first career start against the New England Patriots on Sunday night, and almost led his team to victory, but fell short in the final minute. If anyone can remember, Matt Flynn was a good QB coming out of LSU and winning a national championship. Although Flynn was a good passer ion college, he was overlooked by the size and p…

These Mavericks Are Finally For Real, Again.

No fan of the Dallas Mavericks can think twice about team's past without thinking of the seasons in 2006 and 2007. It cannot be done. It's simply impossible for die-hards like Colby, myself, and the MFFL nation to forget what happened. No need to explain, if you need to to explain, please explore other blogs, may I suggest fashion or home living?

The Mavericks haven't been taken seriously by the rest of the NBA since getting bounced by the up-tempo, Don Nelson coached Golden State Warriors in the first round of the playoffs in 2007. 67-15 wasn't enough. Dirk winning MVP wasn't enough. Not even did the series reach a seventh game back in the "Big D," because these so called "Final Contenders" stood no chance beating the Warriors on the home court.

They just couldn't do it.

2008 - no different, the Hornets made quick work of the Mavericks with an up-tempo offense and smothering interior defense.

2009 - A series win, but an early second round exit,…

The Man Who Couldn't Retire, Even if he Tried

In what seems to be that last hours of his 20 year career in the NFL, after a devastating hit against the Buffalo Bills that injured the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, it seems like Brett Favre still won't be able to leave the game of football, or at least the game of football won't seem to leave him. Every post game press conference Favre has given this year sounds like his swan song. It is almost as if the fat lady is in the process of beginning of sing, but she just can't get the words out, not quite yet anyway.
In a way, this season for number 4 seems to be a strange parallel on his whole career. In the beginning of the year he seemed to be returning from the fountain of youth with that little kid enthusiasm he brings to the game. As the season progressed, he had to do more and more all by himself and started forcing throws and giving up interceptions. Later on this led to arguments with the coach, which ultimately, Favre won. As well as starting to throw interception …

Heisman Trophy 2010 Cam Newton

Just in case you have been a hole the past couple weeks, Cam Newton won the anyone surprised? This year's Heisman voting was one of the most lopsided victories since the prestigious award came about. And it would have been even a larger percentage of victory if this whole scandal with Cam Newton hadn't come about. I couldn't help but laugh though at some points last night. All the past Heisman winners were on stage, no Reggie Bush. There was a slide show of the pictures of all the past Heisman winners, a slide show that did not include Reggie Bush. Just months after Bush was forced to give up his Heisman trophy, it had become like he was never once even part of the prestigious community of past Heisman winners. Despite the allegations from Mississippi State, and all of the swirling controversy of Cam Newton and his father, Cecil Newton, there is no doubt that this award belonged to one Cam Newton. The stand out do-everything quarterback from Auburn University.…