Pary Like It Is1997!

1997 being the last time the Baylor Bears defeated the Texas Longhorns. That all changed Saturday night when the nationally ranked Baylor Bears went into Austin and defeated the Texas Longhorns 30-22 delivering the Longhorns their 3rd straight home loss this season. With the Baylor victory, the Bears now control their own destiny for the Big 12 south. And no we're not talking about baseball, or tennis, or golf, women's basketball, or men's basketball. This is the Baylor Bear football program with head coach Art Briles that we are talking about here. For those who know me closely, they will know how much joy I am getting out of this article. Since my brother attended Baylor I had been a Bear fan for 8 years or so now, and all the Texas fans would make fun of me because the football program was experiencing some lows being the doormat of the Big 12. Well, I guess that is just what makes this win ever so sweet. Not only did the Baylor Bears reach the 6 win mark last week against Kansas State to make them bowl eligible for the first time since 1994, but now they defeat their rival just down I-35, the Texas Longhorns. A rivalry that has been one sided for most of its entirety has started to pick up steam. Art Briles has commanded his Baylor football program in a slow, but steady climb to be competitive in the Big 12 once again. In all honestly, someone tell me the last time Lou Holtz held up a Baylor helmet to give out his player of the week sticker on College Game Day? Anyone? The game was dominated by the dazzling athleticism of quarterback Robert Griffin III and running back Jay Finley, along with great plays from receivers Kendall Wright, Josh Gordon, and Terrance Williams. A Baylor offense that ranks near the top of division one for several offensive categories.Leading the defense with 15 tackles was none other than Lou Holtz's player of the week Byron Landor, who has a major part in holding the Longhors offense to only 22 points. In a sereis where the match up almost always includes David vs. Goliath, David showed up and flat out played Goliath in every aspect of the game. Those who follow Baylor football, which is probably just myself, the alums, and Matt Mosely of Galloway and Company, you could tell that the program was on the rise. Even though the Longhorns control the recruiting in the state of Texas, and can pretty much get anyone they want, Art Briles and the Baylor staff has slowly been building a team of athletic players that have fallen through the cracks at Texas. Robert Griffin III is a converted track star hurdler who can hurt with you his legs as much as his arm, and according to the people down in Waco, should be considered a Heisman candidate
for all that he has done for the program, and quite frankly I don't blame them. Running back jay Finley has seemingly come out of nowhere, but with 200+ yards against the Kansas State Wildcats one game, followed by breaking out a run of 60+ yards for a touchdown against the Longhorns, he has become someone you must account for day in and day out. Wide Receiver Kendall Wright and Josh Gordon have blistering speed for the Bears on the outside and can really stretch the field against defenses who try to only take away Finley. Also, Terrance Williams is a dangerous receiver who can turn a routine 10 yard pass, into a long run and touchdown as the fans in Austin figured out pretty quickly last night. For a Baylor team who usually gets no breaks and has to endure watching a bad play lead to another bad play, and before they know it they find themselves in a hole against the Texas Longhorns, especially in Austin. The intimidation factor of the small private baptist school of Baylor going against the tradition and football powerhouse that is the Texas Longhorns. Were the Bears intimidated? Not one bit. Quarterback Robert Griffin III went as far to say that every one in the visiting locker room whole heatedly believed the Bears were going to go out, take care of business, and defeat the Longhorns at their own place, and they did. Griffin even went on to say that they are the team to beat in the Big 12, and you know what, why shouldn't they be? This is a team that has rebounded very well after their embarrassing loss to TCU. But after a big win against K-State to make the Bears eligible, they were nationally ranked for the first time since I believe 1993. Now, after defeating Texas, the Baylor Bears remain in first place in the Big 12 South, and control their own destiny. If they win out, they will be Big 12 Champions and be playing in the Big 12 Championship Game. Hm. Lets ponder for a second here. I'm not saying this will happen but think about it. Baylor wins the Big 12, TCU and Boise State go undefeated throughout the year, and a one loss SEC team possibly wins the SEC championship. That's a scenario that i think would warrant the computers to blow up. That's very hypothetical, but what would happen there? You would have Oregon playing in the national title against who knows who, writers would probably put a 3 loss team in the BCS before Baylor even though they would be Big 12 Champions, and who knows what else would happen. But as for right now, all the Baylor fans who have been made fun of throughout their lives, this one is for you. At the start of the day yesterday the news line read: The #25 Baylor Bears march down I-35 to Austin to take on the unranked Texas Longhorns. If that doesn't sound sweet enough, how about this, The Baylor Bears go down to Austin and defeat the Texas Longhorns 30-22 for the first time since 1997, and now control their own destiny and the Big 12 South. For me, I'm just happy the Bears were able to get it done against the Longhorns, and maybe now some national attention will be brought down to Waco. But as for right now, for all the people down in Waco, Baylor fans all over the world, and Alumni of Baylor University, lets all go party like its 1997, because the Baylor Bears just went down to Austin and beat the Texas Longhorns in football.



  1. Let's hope Baylor can sustain their excellence, its something to be said about the program as a whole. Football and basketball is on the rise, and their track and baseball programs have always been really good. RG3 for Heisman!



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