Not many times do I get to title a story with such an amazing name like this one, but because of his pitching performance last night, Colby Lewis, starting pitcher of game 3 for the Texas Rangers, definitely deserves it. With Cliff Lee like command, Lewis was able to fly through the Giants lineup and quiet their bats for the first time all series. Although Lewis gave up two home runs in the outing, they both occurred with no one on base minimizing the damage they could have caused. Lewis
ended up going seven and two-thirds for the Rangers giving them the solid pitching tey needed to get back into contention for the World Series. Lewis was confusing the Ginats' batters all night mixing his deadly slider in with his precise fast ball. With the win, Lewis improves to 3-0 in the post season and really makes you wonder what happened in Japan to turn an ordinary middle of the pack pitcher into a clutch, top performing pitcher delivering strike out after strike out in the World Series. It has to be a little nerve racking after coming from Japan right? You wouldn't know in the post game interview with Lewis who seemed to kind of shrug off the phenomenal pitching performance acknowledging that he pitched well, but can pitch better and the team still remains down 2-1, but is determined to tie it up.
I was able to attend Mitch Moreland's first career Major League Baseball game at the Ballpark in Arlington back in the middle of the season. I had never heard of him, luckily Asher was able to inform me that he was a pretty decent prospect coming up in the Ranger farm system. I guess I had to see it for myself. Most rookies are always nervous in their first plate appearance in the Major Leagues, but not Moreland. His very first at bat for the Rangers he hit a scintillating shot to the right field wall that was just two feet from leaving the stadium, but was caught at the warning track. As soon as I saw that hit, I knew I liked the kid. Like all the other Rangers who seemed to have a quiet confidence about him. So as Mitch Moreland stepped up to the plate in his first ever World Series with two runners on, he stepped up to the plate and hit another scintillating shot, this one to right-center field. The only difference between his first ever game and in the World Series, this one went about 15 rows back in the stands to put the Rangers up 3-0.
A lead they were would never back on, and Moreland's home run became the game winning hit in the Rangers first ever playoff victory. Not bad for a rookie right? So I'm sorry Chris Davis and Jorge Cantu, the whole first base saga has been cleared up, Moreland is the man, and he proved it on the biggest stage.
Also not to be the left out is the natural, Josh Hamilton. When Hamilton hit his towering home run of 400+ feet, it had the people I was watching the game with turn the phrase "Oh my Josh" Just when you think Hamilton is in a slum and that he can't figure out opposing pitchers, he calmly steps up to the plate and connects with that smooth, sweet swing of his to send the ball out of the park.
Darren O'Day came in to get the last out of the 8th inning for the Rangers, then Neftali Feliz came in and threw nothing but gas to smoke the Giants hitters one, two, three to end the game. And it seemed like Feliz finally got back to his regular season form, coming into the game in a save situation and calmly throwing 99mph fast balls past hitters to record the save.
55,419 fans came out to support the Texas rangers in their first ever World Series game. Based on regular season capacity, that's about 107% full. The fans really got behind their Rangers to make sure that the Giants did not take a commanding 3-0 lead in the series. While this win was great though, the Rangers are going to need all their fans to come out again in support of Tommy Hunter to win game 4 and tie the World Series at 2. Hunter, like Feliz, needs to get back into his regular season groove if the Rangers expect to be competitive this game. He has been shaky at best in the post season, not even lasting 4 innings in his last outing. Although, in that game the Rangers did get the win so he got the job done. As long as the ranger bats show up, and the Rangers can get consistent bull pen play, the Rangers have a shot at extending the World Series to 6 or 7 games. But the Rangers aren't thinking that. All that is going through their minds is one game at a time. The biggest game of the year is the next game for the Texas Rangers. Who will step up for them tonight with the spotlight is on?



  1. Moreland has turned out to be a more than decent prospect. Justin who?


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