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Pary Like It Is1997!

1997 being the last time the Baylor Bears defeated the Texas Longhorns. That all changed Saturday night when the nationally ranked Baylor Bears went into Austin and defeated the Texas Longhorns 30-22 delivering the Longhorns their 3rd straight home loss this season. With the Baylor victory, the Bears now control their own destiny for the Big 12 south. And no we're not talking about baseball, or tennis, or golf, women's basketball, or men's basketball. This is the Baylor Bear football program with head coach Art Briles that we are talking about here. For those who know me closely, they will know how much joy I am getting out of this article. Since my brother attended Baylor I had been a Bear fan for 8 years or so now, and all the Texas fans would make fun of me because the football program was experiencing some lows being the doormat of the Big 12. Well, I guess that is just what makes this win ever so sweet. Not only did the Baylor Bears reach the 6 win mark last week agai…


Not many times do I get to title a story with such an amazing name like this one, but because of his pitching performance last night, Colby Lewis, starting pitcher of game 3 for the Texas Rangers, definitely deserves it. With Cliff Lee like command, Lewis was able to fly through the Giants lineup and quiet their bats for the first time all series. Although Lewis gave up two home runs in the outing, they both occurred with no one on base minimizing the damage they could have caused. Lewis
ended up going seven and two-thirds for the Rangers giving them the solid pitching tey needed to get back into contention for the World Series. Lewis was confusing the Ginats' batters all night mixing his deadly slider in with his precise fast ball. With the win, Lewis improves to 3-0 in the post season and really makes you wonder what happened in Japan to turn an ordinary middle of the pack pitcher into a clutch, top performing pitcher delivering strike out after strike out in the World Series. I…

Ranger Update

Well hey! My apologies for having not written this whole month. Asher and I have been swamped with a lot of stuff that has been taking up all of my time as well as draining me emotionally as well as physically. But, I've finally found some time and want to acknowledge the Texas Rangers for not only beating the Tampa Bay Rays, but then moving on to defeat the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series. Congratulations to the Rangers on their first playoff home win, series victory, second series victory, an d their first trip to the World Series! Now, there are some matters worth discussing about the Rangers though. But I do want this to be a somewhat positive article (I know its rare to read a positive sports story in the DFW metroplex but try and bear with me) since no matter what happens in the World Series with the Texas Rangers, their season has been a huge success and far better than I or anyone else I knew honestly thought it would be. The most lethal weapon …