Disturbance in Dallas

First I would like to point out that I was wrong in some of my comments in my last post. I believe I said something along the lines of "The Cowboys offense will be fine, and there is no need to worry." I apologize to the 5 people who read this for those comments, because there is indeed plenty of reason to panic after the last two performances the Dallas Cowboys have put out on the field. The Defense, while at times dominant, also seems to lose focus every now and then and blow an assignment. Overall the defense is decent, and this can partially be blamed on the offense. If an offense puts up mass numbers of points, it makes a decent defense look great. But when drives constantly come to an end due to penalties and just heinous playcalling, that makes the defense work even harder. I tried to wait and cool down after those last two efforts in Washington and the home opener against the Bears, but it really hasn't worked. Although, I did realize something in the Bears game that I don't think many other people picked up on. In the first quarter of the game against the Bears, the Cowboys came out playing hard, like they were actually upset against their loss to the Redskins, and the defense was stiffleing, sacking or putting a hit on Bears QB Jay Cutler almost play of the drive. The Bears O-line couldn't hold the Cowboys pass rush for the first couple drives, and even Troy Aikman and Joe Buck were saying that it could be a long game for Jay Cutler if the Cowboys kept that up. Espeically since the Bears had switched around their whole offensive line who just seemed confused on every play call. But thats why coaches are on the sidelines druing games, to make in-game adjustments. With the Cowboys pinning their ears back, on the blitz, Cutler, and offensive coordinator Mike Martz were able to pick apart the Cowboy secondary with short passes, and seem routes to TE Greg Olsen seeing as Wade Phillips had the corners backed up 10 yards against the Bears receivers. Cutler would get the snap and throw it to an open receiver on a slant route and they were off to the races. After doing that for a series or two, Cowboys coach/defensive coordinator Wade Phillips decided to call of the blitz for the most part, which gave Cutler more time to throw to all of his receivers, including RB Matt Forte. Neddless to say, Martz and Cutler were able to make Wade Phillips confused and have no idea what to do with his defensive calls. (Granted, most Cowboy fans, and all fans would say that Phillips is always confused and has no idea what he is doing) Anyway, despite all of that the defense still managed to play decent. Its the offense we have to be worried about. Every time Tony Romo didn't throw a ball perfectly it was tipped then intercepted by a ball hawking Chicago Bears defense. Oh, and I have just one question I have to get off my chest here about the Cowboys and all their hype this seson. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENNED TO FELIX JONES!? Here it is, RB Felix Jones is almost guarenteed the starting job for the Cowboys, he puts on more weight to be able to take the pounding of a starting NFL running back, and there were even trade talks surrounding one Marion Barber near the end of the pre season. Well, as it turns out, Barber is still the starter for the Cowboys, and that doesn't seem like its going to change. Although maybe I shouldn't be too quick to lash out at Felix Jones, maybe my anger should be directed directly at Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. After his first year with the Cowboys, Garrett was annointed an offensive genius and the head coach in waiting, now we have to pick him up every week from under the bus after being thrown under it by the media. Has Garrett lost all creativity? In the Washington game on week one, the Cowboys were moving the ball effectively with running and passing, and then comes the entrance of rookie WR Dez Bryant. Garrett throws a pop route to Bryant which earns him 0 yards on first down. OK, now that is understandable, get the jitters out of the rookie and lets go play football. Then, with the same coverage by the corner matched up one on one with Bryant what does Garrett decide to do? Yes, the same play, and this one I believe lost 2 yards. I forget the third play, but I'm sure Garrett called the same thing and QB Tony Romo had to change it in the huddle. The offense is incredibly unbalanced with Romo throwing I believe its almost 70% of the time. Romo is in the second group of top-tier quarterbacks I believe with Roethlisberger, Rivers, and Mcnabb. The only problem is that these players manage to win games in the end despite the odds. I will say this though, Romo is angry with everything going on, and for once is showing more emotion, and seems to care a little more about this season. Although, instead of saying that the team will come out and play hard next week after a good week of practice, he should take the Tom Brady approach towards the meida about the team's performance and just come out and say "We just sucked today" Which, quite honestly, would be a relief to hear from any of the Cowboys players. It would be much better then their coach trying to speak after a game. Ultimately, the Cowboys should find themselves in panic mode. Forget the December woes, they can't even beat their September foes. The Cowboys still have New Orleanse and Indianapolis on their schedule later in the year, and we all know those games aren't going to be easy. They can't even look that far down the road to face superior competition, because their facing superior competition tomorrow in the Houston Texans. If Jay Cutler can rip apart the Cowboys, Matt Schaub will have an absolute field day. The defense will have to step up to stop Arian Foster in the backfield, and attempt to slow down the best receiver in footbal right now, Andre Johnson. What is the biggest advantage the Texans have over the Cowboys this week though? Coaching. Gary Kubiak ultimately won the game for the Texans against the Redskins last week against the Redskins. Instead of kicking a long field goal in overtime, Kubiak decided to punt it away to the Redskins where they attempted a long field goal which was drilled by their kicker, only problem is that Kubiak had called a time out, and the try did not count. The next attempt, Washington missed their field goasl, bad, and the Texans drove down and kicked a field goal to win the game. The Cowboys coaching staff is unable to make in-game changes, and thats why they always seem to lose close games. Wade Phillips is the opposite from a fiery talker, and Jason Garrett just hides behind his laminated play sheet and hat. The Houston Texans were hitting during training camp, and having intense practices, while the Cowboys set up picnic tables in thier new stadium and had social outings. Maybe its time for everyone to realize that the Cowboys aren't that good. Well, not with this coaching staff anyway. The brightest spot of the past two games was Dez Bryant making a play returning a punt for a touchdown. The offense and defense start out strong, but as the game goes on they get beat due to coaching. Even thoguh Jerry Jones has come out and said that Wade Phillips' job is safe, I hope its not. The best thing I am hoping for is for John Gruden to come back to coaching and whip the Cowboys into shape. Only until the Cowboys get a firery coach, or some firery players, will they have a chance to do something in January. Be the first team to play the Super Bowl in their own stadium? How about they get to the playoffs much less how about they win a game first. Teams who go 0-3 almost never make it to the playoffs. I believ only 4 or 6 teams have ever done it, and so far the Cowboys don't look very resilient. Even if they were, they won't beat the Houston Texans. They may keep it close, but in the end it all comes down to if you got the tally in the W or the L column following the game. And on Sunday the Dallas Morning News is going to have the Cowboys at 0-3, and the whole metroplex will break out in absolute pandemonium.


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