College Football Season is Almost Upon Us

Yes, we are now just days away from the start of the college football season. This year Boise State is rumored to actually have a chance to play for the BCS national championship. Why only now is Boise State eligible for a prize they have deserved the past three seasons? BCS pre-season rankings. Boise State is never ranked very high in the pre-season rankings because they play in a non-BCS conference. (WAC) This basically means that an undefeated Boise State team that has run through all of its competition would rank below an SEC team with two losses. Arguments can be made either way about strength of schedule, but unlike most schools (...Texas, Texas A&m...) Boise State actually plays a decent out of conference schedule. Boise State does what it can do to improve its strength of schedule, but that ultimately isn't good enough for the BCS. Because on the other hand, we have the University of Texas who plays 4 teams that are just barely above the 1AA level. So basically all Texas has to do every year is run through their weak out of conference schedule, then they have to beat Oklahoma, then go on to play a usually overrated Texas A&M and Texas Tech, and struggle with them nonetheless. With this set up Texas is almost guaranteed a spot in the national championship game, while teams like Boise State are left out in the cold. What happens when Boise State gets the chance? The stun all of Norman, and all of the nation by beating the Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl a few years back. A game topped off by Ian Johnson's game winning conversion, who then went up to his cheerleader girlfriend and proposed to her. For all wondering she did say yes. That'd be one interesting way to ask a girl to homecoming....cute though, I hope she'd say yes though or else that kind of screws everything over. Anyway, I am happy to see that this year teams like Boise State and TCU have a chance to make it to the national championship game. Hopefully both teams will make it to the BCS bowls, and not have to play each other.
OK, so as you can tell I don't think much of Texas and their weak out of conference schedule. But, I will say that Texas is trying to improve their out of conference schedule by agreeing to home and home series' with Notre Dame and USC. (Granted Notre Dame hasn't been the elite they have been in the past, and USC is on probation) Speaking of USC though, that brings me to my next discussion. With all the current accusations out on the Trojans right now there are talks that Reggie Bush doesn't deserve his Heisman Trophy. That is the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. Just because Reggie Bush accepted some cash outside of the game of football, and broke rules violations in that way, takes nothing away from the football player he was in that year. He was the best player in the land for the majority of that season, and he deserved that Heisman Trophy. For those who are saying the title should be stripped from Bush and given to his counter-part in the National Championship game, Vince Young, they are the same people that voted for Vince Young in first place instead of Reggie. Case in point, Reggie Bush deserves his Heisman Trophy, even if he is trying to give it back, and others are trying to take it from him.
How good is the University of Alabama really? Mark Ingram, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner goes down with a knee injury, and will be unavailable for at least the first week of the season if not longer, and what do they do? They replace him with a back that is almost just as electric, and things just seem to go on as they are. The running back filling in for Ingram is Tony Richardson. That name may sound familiar, because he rushed for over 100 yards in the National Championship game against Texas. Nick Saban seems to have his team where he wants them, and he has the depth at every position to be able to handle just about any injury that comes his way.
Lastly, I would like to point out my surprise of the year. Those of you who know me are going to roll your eyes at me for this, but my prediction is that this year we will witness a 16 year bowl drought come to an end. With an exciting leader at quarterback in Robert Griffin III, the Baylor Bears will season at least 6-6 and receive their first bowl bid. Its a bit of a stretch, but Baylor has slowly been improving over the years. This year is going to be different though. Expect the Bears to play even Texas and Oklahoma tougher than most predict this year. Art Briles has his team ready for the upcoming year, and you should expect good things from the Bears this year as they embark on their first bowl season in 16 years. Sic 'em Bears!


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