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Disturbance in Dallas

First I would like to point out that I was wrong in some of my comments in my last post. I believe I said something along the lines of "The Cowboys offense will be fine, and there is no need to worry." I apologize to the 5 people who read this for those comments, because there is indeed plenty of reason to panic after the last two performances the Dallas Cowboys have put out on the field. The Defense, while at times dominant, also seems to lose focus every now and then and blow an assignment. Overall the defense is decent, and this can partially be blamed on the offense. If an offense puts up mass numbers of points, it makes a decent defense look great. But when drives constantly come to an end due to penalties and just heinous playcalling, that makes the defense work even harder. I tried to wait and cool down after those last two efforts in Washington and the home opener against the Bears, but it really hasn't worked. Although, I did realize something in the Bears game …

Finally On To The Real Thing

i can't begin to tell you how thankful I am that the preseason is finally over. It might as well be renamed media season. The media just goes crazy with every story during the preseason, and there comes a point where I just can't turn on ESPN anymore because I don't want to hear about Brett Favre, Darelle Revis, Albert Haynesworth, or the best story of all, the weird haircuts and other things rookies must do as a rite of passage into the NFL. Aside from that is the fact that preseason is in fact the most pointless thing out there to judge a team. The starters go into the game knowing they will get maybe 10 plays in the first game. A quarter the 2nd game. 2-3 quarters in the third game, and no time at all in the 4th game. (The Cowboys and Bengals did pretty much the same thing even with having 5 preseason games instead of 4 since they both played in the hall of fame game) Having said that, it brings me to the topic of this article. The Dallas Cowboys preseason and what it m…

College Football Season is Almost Upon Us

Yes, we are now just days away from the start of the college football season. This year Boise State is rumored to actually have a chance to play for the BCS national championship. Why only now is Boise State eligible for a prize they have deserved the past three seasons? BCS pre-season rankings. Boise State is never ranked very high in the pre-season rankings because they play in a non-BCS conference. (WAC) This basically means that an undefeated Boise State team that has run through all of its competition would rank below an SEC team with two losses. Arguments can be made either way about strength of schedule, but unlike most schools (...Texas, Texas A&m...) Boise State actually plays a decent out of conference schedule. Boise State does what it can do to improve its strength of schedule, but that ultimately isn't good enough for the BCS. Because on the other hand, we have the University of Texas who plays 4 teams that are just barely above the 1AA level. So basically all Tex…