Covering All The Bases: The Wide Out and the Hold Out

Football is in the air again fans, and what is football without a little controversy to go along with it? Two players have overwhelmingly taken over the spotlight in the NFL this off-season, and even into the pre-season. Its funny, because both stories were about players who didn't look like they were going to play this year. In fact, you could even say there was another story about a player who was going to play, then wasn't going to play, then texted his teammates, then didn't text his teammates, and now looks like he will play. That player is obviously Brett Favre, quite possibly the single most important man in all football off season. Hearing him talk is almost like trying to sort out Corey Pavin's comments on the golf channel, you never know what to believe. But, I am going to stray away from Brett Favre, because, quite frankly, I think ESPN will soon be coming out with ESPN 4 to keep you up to date on all that is Brett Favre. Believe me, that show would be running round the clock, and would probably get great ratings. But, the two players I'm talking about are a Wide Receiver nobody seemed to want, and a Cornerback that seems to be off away on some island. Terrell Owens, and Darelle Revis have been the biggest stories this off season. Revis, has more of a spotlight on himself being under his head coach Rex Ryan, and with the cameras of Hard Knocks being around Jets' camp at all times. And Terrel Owens is a big story, because, well, c'mon, get 'yer popcorn ready its going to be a show with T.O.

The Wide Out
Through most of the summer it seemed as though Terrell Owens was not going to be playing in the NFL in this season. After a disappointing season in Buffalo, it seems as though Owens's career is on the decline, and most organizations seemed to think the same. Reporters and analysts brought up yet again the countless mishaps in San Francisco and Philadelphia. They tried to bring up Dallas too, but those stories I disagree with. Some players just have a strong personality, and that can be looked at bad from an angle. T.O was about the only player on the Cowboys that seemed to care when they kept going 8-8, and getting left out of the playoffs because of miserable late season performances. Sure he had a few drops, but he was still able to make the big play. What can we say about Roy Williams? Sure he's had a few drops but....well then he just wasn't thrown to at all. All in all, Owens had productive seasons with the Cowboys, showing that he indeed still has outstanding athletic ability, but was let go last year. Owens said if it were up to him he would still be wearing the star on his helmet, but he insists Jerry Jones was convinced to let him go. OK, OK, back to why Owens is such a big story this summer. His one year contract with the Bills had expired, and Buffalo expressed no interest in re-signing him. Throughout the off-season no one seemed to want Owens, and the media described him as washed up. Now, fast forward this a week. Ownes was recently signed by the Cincinnati Bengals to join star wide out Chad Ochocinco. If you were to listen to reports now, you would hear analysts saying that, with the addition of Owens, this team is poised to make a run at the Super Bowl. Doesn't seem to me like some washed up receiver would just automatically gives you the aspirations. It will be interesting to watch Owens and Ochocino on the same field together, personally I think it will be quite entertaining, and I can't wait to see them score touchdowns to see what type of celebrations they will get flagged and fined for this year.

The Holdout
Current Location: Revis island
Arrival: Jet's camp
Status: Delayed/Unknown
Darelle Revis is arguably the best cornerback in the NFL. He certainly is the most hyped corner in the league, and he always owns up to the hype, and shuts down opposing receivers to way below their averages. Rex Ryan calls Darelle Revis the best cornerback he has ever seen. He is the anchor of the Jets' blitzkrieg defense, supplying them with lock down coverage on the opposing team's number one receiving threat. Sounds great right? Well, see there is one rather expensive problem with Revis. He now wants to be the highest paid defensive back in all the NFL. The current highest paid defensive back in the league is Nnamdi Asomugha of the Oakland Raiders, arguably one of, if not the best cornerback league. Asomugha gets paid $16.25million a year to play corner for the Oakland Raiders. Revis is making much less than that right now, and is lobbying, even holding out of practice to get his raise. Revis, unable to practice with his team during his holdout is also being fined a cool $16,000 for every day he is not at practice. A number that can really add up over time. Unlike the Owens situation this situation has yet to be solved. When Jets' owner Woody Johnson was asked if in his gut feeling he felt that Revis would be playing football this year he simply said No, and that he didn't think a deal would be worked out for the pro-bowl cornerback this year. This is familiar to the Michael Crabtree situation of last year with the San Francisco 49'ers. Crabtree wanted to be paid more than WR Darius Hayward-Bay of the Oakland Raiders. Crabtree held out until week 6 or 7 last year until he played his first NFL game. It is uncertain if the Revis deal will be put to rest before the start of the season. Head Coach Rex Ryan says that everyone in the organization should just meet up in one room, and discuss all the aspects of the deal, and just get it done right then and there. That way all of Revis' people will be there, all of the Jets' people will be there, and as Ryan puts it, "The players will love it, because they don't have to practice that day." Seems like a good idea Rex, but I don't think Woody is going for it. So as for now Revis is still stuck on Revis Island and his flight to Jets' camp is delayed to due repairs. (Poor Revis, he must be flying with American Airlines, hope he paid for this trip with miles!) Hopefully Revis' flight is just delayed, worst case scenario his flight is cancelled, in which case the Jets won't be seeing him all this season.

So as the story of the Wide Out and The Hold Out come to a close, it seems as if there might not be a happy ending. If anything these two stories did at least seem to accomplish something. It got our minds off the ongoing saga of Brett Favre. Will he play? Won't he play? Did he text his teammates? Did he not text his teammates? Why can Brett never hide from Ed Werder? All these questions circulate every summer, and while entertaining for a few days, it gets old, kind of like Brett. So thank you T.O. and thank you Mr. Revis for at least taking our minds off that. Until of course they come out with ESPN 4, then there will be no way getting Favre. So until this is all figured out fans, kick back, relax, and enjoy another entertaining season of NFL football, because it is underway.


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