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Covering All The Bases: The Wide Out and the Hold Out

Football is in the air again fans, and what is football without a little controversy to go along with it? Two players have overwhelmingly taken over the spotlight in the NFL this off-season, and even into the pre-season. Its funny, because both stories were about players who didn't look like they were going to play this year. In fact, you could even say there was another story about a player who was going to play, then wasn't going to play, then texted his teammates, then didn't text his teammates, and now looks like he will play. That player is obviously Brett Favre, quite possibly the single most important man in all football off season. Hearing him talk is almost like trying to sort out Corey Pavin's comments on the golf channel, you never know what to believe. But, I am going to stray away from Brett Favre, because, quite frankly, I think ESPN will soon be coming out with ESPN 4 to keep you up to date on all that is Brett Favre. Believe me, that show would be runni…

5 Freshman who will be watched

Several freshman were key on last year's major contenders. John Wall and Xavier Henry both were on teams that snagged #1 seeds. Lance Stephenson kept his team in the Big Dance race right up until the last meeting. Several other freshman were also key. What freshman can the fans expect to notice this year? Take a look.

1. Harrison Barnes, North Carolina
Barnes was considered the top recruit in America throughout the season by both rivals150 and Espn recruiting rankings. He's a 6'7 SF who can score in the paint but also score points outside the perimeter. He’s definitely going to get tons of recognition this season, mainly because of where North Carolina finished last season. After starting the season in the top 5, the Tarheels finished it by losing the NIT championship game to Dayton. Although the Tarheels did lose Ed Davis, they are going to be somewhat better this season. Which makes Barnes looks even better. If he can get this team a top 10 seed in March, he could be look…

Covering All The Bases

As I pondered what to write about tonight and I scrolled through headlines on, as well as, rummaging through ideas in my mind, I couldn't think of just one particular thing. There are in fact so many things going on in the world of sports, so I'm just going to cover all the bases in the the first addition of...yes, covering all the bases. With the title being oh so appropriate, I might as well dedicate the whole story to baseball, and what better to talk about than the AL West Division Leaders with no ownership, the Texas Rangers.

A team that had a blistering June, followed by a good July, the Texas Rangers lead the Angels by 8 games. (I'm going to refrain from calling them California or Anaheim, or Los Angeles, because frankly I don't think anyone knows what it really is anymore) After dropping the last 2 of 3 games to the Angels, it seems almost as if the Texas Rangers may be coming back to earth a little as the month of August begins. Especially seeing that…