Why LeBron will go Everywhere

America welcomes in a new national holiday today, known as "Decision Day." No, Obama is not contemplating whether to keep troops overseas and Lindsay Lohan's cas hasn't been settled, BUT THE KING, the King presented us with a royal issue, on whether he decides to be moving his throne. LeBron James, the center of the universe, the ruler of the land, and the ambassador of national television, will decide where his basketball career will continue tonight at 9 EST on ESPN during a planned, 1 hour special on the decision.

Kevin Durant didn't even interview when signing his extension (5-years) with Oklahoma City two days ago, and Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh spilled the beans to friend and ESPN and ABC personality Michael Wilbon in an interview.

But "King" James will change the world of basketball forever during a 1-hour special on ESPN tonight.

So, where is he going? The opinion seems to change everday, and Chris Broussard was blessed with having the keys to the truck driving ESPN's coverage on the decision. He reports Miami, but my friend Harveen (Cavs fan) sais Cleveland and another fellow peer sais New York while Chicago and New Jersey have kept in consideration to the bitter end of this fiasco.

So, WHERE WILL HE GO? Let's analyze, shall we?

Why he will stay in Cleveland: As a good friend of mine puts it in relation to Vince Carter leaving Toronto, LeBron James will not be able to set foot back in the town he grew up in if he so decides to leave the land of the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers have surrounded him for his first 7 NBA seasons with the likes of Antawn Jamison, Larry Hughes, and Maurice Williams, and one NBA Finals trip has been accumulated. They were swept by the Spurs 4-0 in 2005, and only made it because the Eastern Conference was sorry that year, so sorry the Duncan apologized to LeBron after the 196 minute beat down. (dramatization) But, LeBron remained loyal to his hometown team all through the years, and even though he has better options elsewhere, the guilt and loyalty could keep him in Cleveland, where a new roster must be built.

Why he will go to Miami: There have been few, in fact numbered chances in NBA History to build a so-called "Super-Team" via free agency. The classic Celtics and Lakers teams were built with years of management, not one summer of a lot of cap room to spend on superstars. Dwayne Wade has already returned to South Beach with his fellow USA Teammate and bff Chris Bosh. LeBron is the third bff of this group, and he would like to play with his friends, who so happen to be NBA SuperStuds. With the three together, they will become a top 3 force in the NBA, barring the complimentary roster spots and parts. With that said, the goal of the three is to win championships, and that becomes apparent in the situation of the three going to Miami together.

Why he will go to New York: The Knicks have been clearing cap room at costs for years now, planning for the 2010 Summer of Free Agency, centered around LeBron James. The first big name free agent to switch cities was All-Star forward Amare Stoudemire. Amare joined the Knicks and proclaimed the "Knicks are back," assuming another star was brought in. Under Mike D'Antoni, Stoudemire should flourish and post big numbers. The Knicks still need another star, and ALL THE PIECES are in place to make this team LeBron's squad. The roster has pieces that LeBron will make better and it is a great situation for him. Also, the Knicks would presumably have room to add another free agent or two, like Mike Miller or Brendan Haywood. Also, they could acquire a point guard (Rumor: Tony Parker) through a sign-and-trade with utility forward David Lee. Obviously, the Knicks are in New York, and while the city if Cleveland may burn all "23" gear, the city will worship King James and make him even more of a superstar then he already has become in his professional career. Situation: perfect to me.

Why he will go to Chicago: The Bulls cleared even more room with a draft day deal with Washington, sending Kirk Hinrich for a pick, making it possible to add THREE maximum free agents through the free agency period. Now that Wade and Bosh have settled on the Heat, the Bulls added stud Power Forward Carlos Boozer, who left Utah for a maximum contract. LeBron would make the Bulls an all-star team around himself, Boozer, and young, upcoming stars like Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. Whether Rose and LeBron, both playmakers, can co-exist, is remained to be seen, but LeBron in Chicago makes the Bulls a balanced, and elite team. As well, they could add ANOTHER maximum free agent, perhaps David Lee ends up in Chicago, or Richard Jefferson, or even Mike Miller winds up wherever LeBron goes as a very, very effective role player.

Why he (would) choose New Jersey New Jersey has added a few role players, including Travis Outlaw today, and drafted young forward sensation and former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket (like Bosh) Derrick Favors. Already with their own set of upcoming stud players in Devin Harris and Brook Lopez, LeBron would step in as the team's anchor and make the New Jersey market a bright star on the NBA Map. As well, the global map, as new Russian Owner Mikhail Prokhorov promises LeBron to be a "global icon" as James has stated he would like to become. A situation that may appear to be dead, but still notable.

I've been saying Cleveland or New York, but my heart has seem to set like a Phoenix Sun (corny jokes needed) on the Knicks, because I would prefer Wade and Bosh go on King-less, while LeBron makes New York a perennial force in the National Basketball Association!


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