Shout Out to the Dallas Media

I don't normally do this, but this is just a shout out to all of the Dallas media who feel the need to always go above and beyond, especially with their expectations. The fact holds true that the world we live in is definitely a a what have you done for me lately world. So here are just a few examples I have come to recognize, and the latest news on the major sports teams in the Dallas, fort worth area. (Sorry Dallas Stars, you're not involved)

First up, the first place Texas Rangers who have just recently acquired Cliff Lee, arguably one of the best pitchers in the league. Hopefully for the first time in a few years Cliff Lee will be able to stay with a team for at least a few years. I don't know what it is, but I can just never jump on the Texas Rangers bandwagon. Its probably because I have been let down so many times, that I just can't have the trust anymore. The Texas Rangers are a team that always comes off strong the first half of the season, but seem to fade away as the second half of the season gets underway. Although, with the addition of Cliff Lee, there are hopes that this Ranger team might be different. Maybe for once we will see the Rangers in the playoffs. I would be happy to see us make the playoffs for the first time in I really don't know how many years. But as for the rest of the media, oh no. The Texas Rangers are going to the World Series! Hold up. Did we just forget about the Yankees? The Texas Rangers' season goes the same way their games go. Build a big lead, and then when the 8th and 9th innings roll around, we witness a falling out, and we just can't hold on. Honestly I hope we get it together, because the Texas Rangers have a really good chance in making the playoffs in frankly a very weak AL West Division. Although, are the Texas Rangers World Series bound? Let me at least see a playoff run, and maybe I'll start regaining some trust.

Next up, are the Super Bowl favorites that barely ever get out of the first round. Unlike the Rangers, for some reason I always jump on the Dallas Cowboy bandwagon. The only problem I have with this team at this point, is that there are so many ifs going into the season. It finally seems that Tony Romo is going to emerge as the quarterback we can trust, instead of the quarterback we hope doesn't screw up. Of course, we can only trust Tony if the new additions to the offensive line can protect him. If Felix Jones can finally stay healthy he will have a break out year, and I think really take some games over. The biggest if is if Martellus Bennett will turn out to be the talent we all expect him to be, and if Dez Bryant will turn into the superstar we all hope he can be. Miles Austin will see more coverages focusing on him, as they leave Roy uno, uno wide open to drop a pass when Tony Romo has to throw the ball away avoiding pressure. Jason Witten is always a solid option in the passing game, and Tony Romo's favorite target. If Martellus and Dez can step up into the roles they are expected to, this will be one of the most dangerous passing attacks in the league. The 2011 Super Bowl will be held in none other then Jerry Jones Stadium, and it seems that if the ifs come together, the Dallas Cowboys are in serious contention to play for their first Super Bowl in too long in front of their home towns. But only if...

Lastly, the Dallas Mavericks. The team who constantly wins 60 games per year, but that just isn't good enough unless you get the ring when the season is over. I don't have many problems with media reports about the Mavericks this off season, but I still do have complaints. First off, I am overjoyed about the trade for Tyson Chandler, in which the Mavericks gave up Erick Dampier, Eduardo Najera, and Matt Carroll for the Charlotte Bobcats 7'1" center. A solid pick-up for the Mavericks for the money they were willing to spend, and for the players offered. Some of the media is very upset about the trade for some reason. For once the Dallas Mavericks are in a position to finally have sold big man play, and we're upset? We should have gotten something better? I disagree. What else was there? I mean Mark Cuban was out selling his product, but he wasn't going to overpay a wanna be star star money. That would put the Mavs on the outside looking in on any other trade talk that might be going down. The Dallas Mavericks have offered everything and the kitchen sink to the New Orleans Hornets for PG Chris Paul. I seem to remember two years ago the New Orleans Hornets killing the Mavericks with the deadly pick and roll duo of none other than Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler. Chandler was upset to not be able to play with his star Point Guard anymore, and Chris Paul missed having his big target in the middle to throw lobs to. So if the Hornets start off slow this upcoming year, and look to get rid of everything, Dallas is a very likely destination for Chris Paul. My next problem is how the media is looking at Rodrigue Beaubois in the Las Vegas Summer League. We are putting too much pressure on this exhilarating Frenchman. He is an explosive player that barely even knows English, and Ben and Skin expect him to be the vocal leader of the Dallas Mavericks next season. I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble, but Roddy B isn't going to put up 20 a game next year. He will have explosive games every now and then, but he is more a spark to ignite the team. He still needs another year to fully develop, and more so play. Roddy didn't even play in every game last season, that I would like to see. Plus its just the summer league, he doesn't have all of his weapons, and lets be honest, the mindset is not the same as oh lets say Game 6 in San Antonio. Do I have high hopes for the Mavs this upcoming year? Yes I do, especially with prime time players shifting to the Eastern Conference. Tyson Chandler is really going to help this team, and Roddy B's role will slowly (very slowly under Rick Carlisle) increase.

The Dallas Media is known for blowing stories out of preportion. They have also become notrious for predicting teams who have yet to win a playoff game in over 10 years to go the championship game. (2010 Texas Rangers, 2009-2010 Dallas Cowboys) But as much of a downer I have been this whole story, I still am optimistic for the 2nd half of the Texas Rangers' season, and the upcomming seasons of the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks. (Sorry Dallas Stars, but the whole Mike Modano thing has made me uninterested in the local hockey team) The addition of Cliff Lee puts the Texas Rangers in a position to win if they can finally make it to the playoffs, then we'll see what happens from there. The Dallas Cowboys can get to a hometown Super Bowl if certain pieces fall together. If the Dalals Mavericks can put the right pieces in the right places this upcomming year, with skilled big men and slashing guards, they have a chance to maybe get back to where they were in the 2006 season, which is ironic because there is a slight chance if they got to the finals they may be playing the Miami Heat.



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