Hometown Zero

LeBron James decided to go to Miami. Obviously everyone knows that now. He made up his own special in front little kids with a non-ESPN reporter that dominated television that night. I guess we could have seen this coming. I knew the outcome of this ever since the Cavaliers' exit from the playoffs. Anyone else notice that LeBron just threw off his jersey after the game? It didn't look like someone who was enjoying himself in his hometown. There were a few times in that game, and in the series really, that it didn't even look like James was giving his all. From that point he had wanted out, and now he finally had it. He can tell all he wants that it was a tough decision, but in reality Cleveland was always a distant 2nd. His mind was made up, wherever Wade and Bosh go he is going, and that certainly wasn't going to be Cleveland.

What did LeBron James bring to Cleveland? The only thing he really brought was...LeBron James. Ah yes King James in Cleveland, but the king of what? For some reason when LeBron James was drafted I had a gut feeling that he would be one of these pre-madona basketball players straight out of high school that wasn't mature enough to handle the NBA. Up until this season I had been completely wrong, and he had been nothing but a class act. But as soon as the playoffs hit this past season, we saw a different LeBron. A LeBron that stopped trying to take over a game, a LeBron who wasn't putting his stamp on a game, and more importantly, a LeBron that just didn't seem to care any more. So I have developed a few reason why you can and can't blame LeBron for leaving Cleveland:

Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame LeBron For Leaving Cleveland:

-Helpless. Cleveland was giving LeBron no help, his biggest number 2 was Mo Williams, an aging shooting guard who seemed to hit the big shots in the 3rd quarter, but never seemed to hit the big shots in the 4th. (Partially because LeBron was taking them, but he still didn't show up)

-The grass is always greener on the other side. You always want what isn't yours. LeBron had spent his whole life in Cleveland and wanted to test waters elsewhere.

-Joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. It is hard to pass up the opportunity to play with the super star that is Dwayne Wade, and the wanna be star of Chris Bosh(more on that later)

-More Media Attention. Living in Dallas, I know that anything a Dallas Cowboy does is blown incredibly out of proportion. Some like it, some don't. With LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade on one team, the media will be swarming all over all three of them and leaning on their every word.

-Media Pressure. With all the media hounding LeBron to make a change, he buckled under the pressure and gave the media what they wanted. Once again, for more attention.

Top 5 Reasons To Blame LeBron For Leaving Cleveland:

-Disloyal. In Cleveland, in the time leading up to 'The Decision' there were multiple LeBron celebration days, promises of improving the team, and basically giving LeBron anything he could ever want right in his hometown. With his friends, family, and fans leaning on his decision he broke their hearts on national television.

-"The Decision" The only person who should dominate network television to inform the people of the world is the president, and I even have problems with that at some times. What other basketball player is so narcissistic that they need their own telelvision special to announce what they are doing. No other professional athlete has ever done anything of this magnitude.

-Lies, Lies, Lies. So in his 'Decision' LeBron teeter-tottered back and forth between saying Oh it wasn't about being with Wade and Bosh, and then 30 seconds later saying, you know it meant a lot for me to be able play with such great athletes such as Wade and Bosh. I think we all know which one is true.

-Burning Bridges. Does LeBron really think anyone is going to like him when the Heat come back to Cleveland? Personally, if I were from Cleveland, I would boo him the whole game and possibly every time he touched the ball.

-Self-Centered. There are many things to consider when trying to figure out where you should play basketball. One of them should not be how that city affects your own personal brand. Multiple times LeBron swayed his decision based on how it would effect the 'LeBron Brand' and if it would continue to grow or not.

I thought I was wrong about LeBron James when I first thought he was an immature kid coming out of high school straight to the NBA. From his couple years in the league, I thought he was able to handle the media well enough for someone of his stature. After what has gone down these past few months, and these past few days...I am sorry to say that maybe I was right all along. King James now plays with the Miami Heat. Wait what? King James? The king of what? What did LeBron bring to the Cavaliers? A few more wins, 2 MVP Trophies, but ultimately heartbreak. None of those achievements really helped the team. Sure he brought more wins to Cleveland, but that means nothing. I live in Dallas, and the Dallas Mavericks have had consecutive 60 win seasons, but if we don't win an NBA championship it all means nothing. And LeBron James was never really even close to winning an NBA championship. I really hope LeBron James never wants to come back to Cleveland, because after what he has done to that city, they will never welcome him back.



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