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Leading the AL West by 7 games are the Texas Rangers?

So, I know I said in my last post that it is always hard for me to hop on the Texas Ranger bandwagon. I know I also made a reference to them blowing close games, or games they should win in the closing innings in the game. I don't know what has happened to the Texas Rangers, but they are playing really inspired baseball lately. Honestly I'm shocked that, so far, they have kept up their winning ways so far after the all-star break. Now, if the Rangers' winning ways come to an end soon after this article, I'll stop being so nice to them. But seriously, the Texas Rangers are really doing something here. The addition of Cliff Lee has really inspired the Texas Ranger pitching staff. C.J. Wilson is pitching phenomenal, Tommy 'Big Game' is perfect, Colby Lewis (great name) is throwing good stuff, and of course Cliff Lee give you nothing short of a great outing every time he steps on the mound. The only pitcher that still needs to step is Scott Feldman. The Rangers ace…

Shout Out to the Dallas Media

I don't normally do this, but this is just a shout out to all of the Dallas media who feel the need to always go above and beyond, especially with their expectations. The fact holds true that the world we live in is definitely a a what have you done for me lately world. So here are just a few examples I have come to recognize, and the latest news on the major sports teams in the Dallas, fort worth area. (Sorry Dallas Stars, you're not involved)

First up, the first place Texas Rangers who have just recently acquired Cliff Lee, arguably one of the best pitchers in the league. Hopefully for the first time in a few years Cliff Lee will be able to stay with a team for at least a few years. I don't know what it is, but I can just never jump on the Texas Rangers bandwagon. Its probably because I have been let down so many times, that I just can't have the trust anymore. The Texas Rangers are a team that always comes off strong the first half of the season, but seem to fade awa…

Hometown Zero

LeBron James decided to go to Miami. Obviously everyone knows that now. He made up his own special in front little kids with a non-ESPN reporter that dominated television that night. I guess we could have seen this coming. I knew the outcome of this ever since the Cavaliers' exit from the playoffs. Anyone else notice that LeBron just threw off his jersey after the game? It didn't look like someone who was enjoying himself in his hometown. There were a few times in that game, and in the series really, that it didn't even look like James was giving his all. From that point he had wanted out, and now he finally had it. He can tell all he wants that it was a tough decision, but in reality Cleveland was always a distant 2nd. His mind was made up, wherever Wade and Bosh go he is going, and that certainly wasn't going to be Cleveland.

What did LeBron James bring to Cleveland? The only thing he really brought was...LeBron James. Ah yes King James in Cleveland, but the king of w…

Hold Up! Cliff Lee is a Texas Ranger!

Every off-season, it happens. A team with a handful of prospects in their farm system makes a push for a top available player. They always say build from within, but there are only so many spots on the field you can fill, so having studs in your organization and nowhere to put then often means swapping quantity for quality with a team that is lacking quantity, or depth in their baseball organization.

It happens all the time, we saw the low-spending Florida Marlins send all-star slugger Miguel Cabrera to Detroit for a handful of top prospects. Cabrera had just been awarded a deserved $7.4 million in an arbitration hearing and the Marlins, though winning two World Series Titles in the last 15 seasons, are owned by money saving machine Jeffrey Loria, and there will be a trade for youngsters when a player reaches a breaking point in salary.

Despite being arguably the best player in baseball for his age at the time of the deal in 2007, the Marlins insisted on staying within their budget …

Why LeBron will go Everywhere

America welcomes in a new national holiday today, known as "Decision Day." No, Obama is not contemplating whether to keep troops overseas and Lindsay Lohan's cas hasn't been settled, BUT THE KING, the King presented us with a royal issue, on whether he decides to be moving his throne. LeBron James, the center of the universe, the ruler of the land, and the ambassador of national television, will decide where his basketball career will continue tonight at 9 EST on ESPN during a planned, 1 hour special on the decision.

Kevin Durant didn't even interview when signing his extension (5-years) with Oklahoma City two days ago, and Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh spilled the beans to friend and ESPN and ABC personality Michael Wilbon in an interview.

But "King" James will change the world of basketball forever during a 1-hour special on ESPN tonight.

So, where is he going? The opinion seems to change everday, and Chris Broussard was blessed with having the keys to t…

July 1, 2010

As of 12:00 AM on July 1 the biggest media/free-agent frenzy in NBA started. Multiple teams flew all over the country to meet with players such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Amar'e Stoudemire, and others to try and and coax them to come play ball in their city. Team officials for the Knicks, Heat, Cavaliers, and others waisted no time in doing this either as team officials started meeting with players as soon as the clock struck midnight to see if they could see their team to maybe the most talented free agent class of all time. Topping the list was maybe the medias favorite athlete, LeBron James. I guess you could James the ring leader in all this talk about one team clearing enough cap room to have a "super team" which is where a team could possibly sign 2-3 max dollar free agents to come play for their team to fill up the payroll, and forming a "super team" The teams that have the best chance in doing this are the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, New Y…

New Ballgame In Town

Approaching the 2010 season, Team President and former pitching ace Nolan Ryan said he would be “disappointed” if the Texas Rangers did not win the American League West. Here we are about to tip our toes into July and the young, exciting Rangers are 3.5 games up on the recently familiar champion of the division, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in California, or whatever label they are sporting these days. The folks in Arlington are giving their fans a show on the field not seen in many years, and the rest of baseball is taking note of the fast-rising, division leading Texas Rangers.

With all free agent signings, come wins and losses. You have your Mark Derosa’s, then you have your infamous flopping gems like the greatness of Chan Ho Park. The Rangers offseason consisted of developing the young arm and select bats, as usual. Also, maintaining the likes of Kinsler, Young, Hamilton, and Nelson Cruz. Aside from these internal moves, the Rangers reached out to Vl…