Honestly, most people who read this blog will probably just skip right past this article, simply because it is about the World Cup. Soccer isn't exactly the sexiest sport in the sports world today. Its the not the high flying his scoring game most Sports viewers nowadays are accustomed to seeing. One thing the World Cup brings out though is pride in those involved. Not just the players, but the fans as well. In the sports world today some "fans" will have nothing but positives to stay for the team, but as soon as things start going wrong the whole fan base becomes negative, and the support slowly dwindles until the Win column starts filling up again. For those of you that have ever attended a Dallas Mavericks game, the crowd can get pretty hyped up at times, but at other times it is silent. When the Mavericks aren't making shots, or during a dead ball, the fans just aren't loud. On the other hand, throughout an entire soccer match, the crowd goes nuts. Through the who entire game! people are OOHHHing, blowing those annoying horns that sound like a swarm of bees will at any moment descend on the players, but the fans constantly remain into the game, and enticed at every passing moment. Now, I'm sure most of you reading this went out and saw the Movie Invitctus about where Nelson Mandela attended the Rugby version of the world cup in South Africa. A true story of unifying a single nation just through a sport. Fans in other nations live and die by the performance of their soccer teams. Although, in this country, Soccer doesn't get the media coverage it deserves. It is swept under the rug because Lebron James says something....anything. It seems like the media these days are constantly looking to future, when there are in fact many things going on in the present that are very important to a lot of people. For some nations across the world, soccer is all they have. And in it is through this sport that they are united. They put everything they have into their team to will them to victory, because their players represent an entire nation. The world comes around every 4 years, so its not something that happens often. Winter and Summer Olympics switch off every 2 years, so at least we get to see international competition then, but it makes the World Cup an even greater spectacle to admire. The atmosphere that surrounds every game is absolutely intense. Every game for some nations, even pool play, is like their super bowl, a chance to show everyone what they can do. So, I guess this time around I am hoping that Nelson Mandela's presence can spark something awe inspiring in this year's World Cup. Maybe the American viewers will step up and get behind their team like the other nations do. Because, this, this is what is happening right now. Forget the hype about what could happen in every other sport, and just focus on what is right in front of you. The World Cup. It only comes around every 4 years, and these players play with so much passion it is unbelievable. Every time one of these guys score a goal, he does a victory celebration like its the greatest thing that has ever happened to him. So its a shame that this sport, a sport that has so much passion from its players, and nationalism from its fans,must be drowned out by all the negativity going through the sports world today. It is always nice to see players play with such enthusiasm, and the fans supporting them no matter what. Maybe, just maybe, with a little extra media attention, not as many people will overlook stories like this one, and realize how great of a spectacle the World Cup really is.


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