Lakers Survive against Celtics to Win 16th NBA Title

In a game where Tiger Woods first round over stroke total was almost the highest score of the night, the Los Angeles Lakers managed to eek out a victory against the scrappy Boston Celtics to win their 16th NBA title.
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A lot is said that it takes more than one man to win a game, and that defense wins championships. Both of these statements were exemplified in Game 7 of 2010 NBA Finals. Kobe Bryant at one point in the game was 5-21 from the field, and things weren't looking so bright for the Lakers. Perhaps Kobe really did buy into the hype, but just didn't want to show the media that he had. The Lakers seemed to be on their way to losing the 5th straight NBA Finals Game 7 against their foe the Boston Celtics, but...But then Kobe's teammates finally managed to produce when it mattered. Although Pau Gasol didn't have on of his greater nights from the free-throw line, he was able to come up with clutch baskets in crunch time to finish the Laker comeback and eventually take the lead over the Celtics. Also, for the second straight game, Ron Artest stepped up his play on the offensive side of the ball instead of taking the time to rest from chasing around Paul Pierce and whoever else Artest ended up guarding. Artest was aggressive from the very beginning of the game, and provided some exonerating 3-point baskets that were crucial to the Lakers' success. Derek Fisher also managed to hit a clutch 3 in overtime, along with tough play from Jordan Farmar, and some very clutch free-throws from Sasha Vujachich. (My apologies if I misspelled that) I guess Derek Fisher backed up what he said about wearing his own jersey, instead of handing them all to Kobe Bryant and let him determine the outcome all by himself. Although maybe the weight of a few Lakers jerseys disrupted his jumper...
Defense Wins Championships
Both teams came out with valiant efforts on the defensive ends of the floor. It helped that neither team never really got in a rhythm offensively, but that i guess can be contributed to stifling defense played on both sides of the ball. Double teams were being thrown at Kobe Bryant, and it seemed to mess up his rhythm as he began to commit turnovers, and just started playing like a different player. Ron Artest managed to contain an outburst from Paul Pierce for most of the series, and Derek Fisher and Ray Allen were battling hard against each other ever since Fisher gave up an NBA Finals record 8 3-pointers to his counterpart Ray Allen. Perhaps a key to this series was the absence of Kendrick Perkins, because near the end of the game, Pau Gasol seemed to be getting more opportunities to make plays against mismatches that were created due to the personnel of the Boston Celtics lacking their starting big man. The theory holds true though that defense wins championships. As much was I would have loved to see the Phoenix Suns in the Finals putting up 110 a game, instead of the Celtics putting up a combined total of a little 120 points in games 6 and 7. But, in the end, the Lakers defense through the final seconds proved that they were worthy of being NBA champions.
Also Noteworthy...
I hate how every post championship winning interview the 2nd question asked by the interviewer is always "well what about next year?" That is not something anyone really wants to talk about now. Even Phil Jackson tried to sidestep the question. Or you could take the Ron Artest route and just go on thanking people like your psychiatrist, and never even let the reporter ask you about next year.
Kobe Bryant, although he didn't have the greatest shooting performance of his life, he managed to pull down at least 15 rebounds. Most of which were through traffic. It just goes to show that just because you're not scoring the ball, doesn't mean you cannot have an impact on the game.
Anyone else want to be Adam Morrison right now? I'd love to go sit on the Lakers bench for every game home and away and get paid NBA money. He could probably get some good money for that seat on Stub Hub. Oh yea Morrison now has 2 rings. So now if he manages to sit on another teams bench he is only 3 rings away from Kobe, and you don't hear anyone talking about him being the best player ever...
The NBA must be just filled with joy, they got what they had always wanted. A game 7 in the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. For the most part, David Stern didn't even have to direct the officials to make that this was the outcome.
Closing Notes
Kobe Bryant has now asserted himself as the best player in the NBA, Magic Johnson even said it during the trophy presentation ceremony. It was such a relief that for one day the attention was finally on Kobe Bryant, the best player in the NBA with now 5 world championship rings, instead of LeBron James who has yet to appear in an NBA Finals. Hopefully this ends all of the discussions. LeBron James may, at times, put up better numbers than Kobe Bryant, but no one can match Kobe's girt and determination to get things done in the clutch when they really matter. He doesn't just quit and give nonchalant performances when his team needs him most. He may not shoot well, but he will get the job the done one way or another. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers for winning their 16th NBA title. Do you think they'll come back and do it again next year?


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