Don't Count Them Out

After the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals, everyone seemed to be in agreement that the Philadelphia Flyers were dead and gone and the Chicago Blackhawks would waltz their way to the Stanley Cup ending one of the longest cup droughts in the NHL. Did people just forget about the Flyers coming back from 3-0 against the Boston Bruins? I mean I know there is a long layoff between games, but it isn't the NBA where you wait until the season comes around to play the next game. The Philadelphia Flyers are a tough team the just doesn't seem to go away. Whenever you think you have them down they come back and surprise their opponents along with anyone else who is actually paying attention to the Stanley Cup Finals. They Flyers have held up their side of the bargain so far in these Finals, they have protected their home ice. Oh and here is a stat for all of you the don;t think Philly can finish off this series, during this postseason, the Philadelphia Flyers are undefeated after game 3. Granted, the Chicago Blackhawks have to be the overwhelming favorites going to back to the windy city to face the Flyers in a decisive game 5, but once the Flyers get going, they are a tough team to beat. Just ask the Boston Bruins what a hot goaltender and momentum can do. I've begun to notice a trend in the mainstream media, it seems as if whatever team wins the first game in a 7 game series is the team whose bandwagon is ambushed by the media. After one game, everyone seems to think that that team is the one that is going to win the series hands down. The Los Angeles Lakers, after winning game 1, were predicted to sweep the Phoenix Suns easily even without having games go back to Phoenix to see if the Suns could hold home court. Yes, the Lakers did win the series, but it took a hard fought effort in game 6 to finally come out on top against the feisty Suns. The same fact is held true in the Stanley Cup Finals. After Chicago won the first game, everyone just jumped on the Blackhawk bandwagon assuming the Blackhawks would run through the rest of the series. At least I know someone who didn't jump on the bandwagon...the Philadelphia Flyers. A true example of getting up one more time then being knocked down, these Flyers resemble what the city of Philadelphia needs, and resembles a little bit of the Rocky movies. The Flyers always seem to take the blows of their opponent early, sustaining hit after hit, punch after punch, and they may stagger a little, or maybe fall down, but are never knocked out. These Philadelphia Flyers are something special, so don't count them out no matter what hole they manage to dig themselves into, because you can ask the Boston Bruins, these Flyers don't give up, and no hole is to big for them to climb out of


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