The Chicago Blackhwaks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers last night ion overtime to win the Stanley Cup, the most coveted award in all of pro hockey. The only problem one cares. Go and watch ESPN for an hour or two. Maybe once or twice an update will come across the bottom of the screen that the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup. Then maybe they will get a minute or two per every hour show of Sports Center. The Stanley Cup is being overshadowed by the possibility of a college football team moving conferences. Is this a big deal? yes, it has the possibility of changing many things. But all of it is just discussion. The bigger news story today, or at least what should be the biggest news story today, should the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup and ending one of the longest droughts in NHL history. And they won the cup over the Flyers who battled their way to the Finals, and pushed the Blackhawks to overtime to win the cup. Or another story line that Patrick Kane got what had been alluding him for a long time. First, earlier in the year in the Olympics, he played for the American national team and lost to the Canadian team in the gold medal game. Then, as he came closer and closer to win the Stanley Cup, he couldn't seem to get anything going. His point totals took a steep drop when he played the Flyers. The little media that actually covers hockey was talking about Kane not showing up when it really mattered. So how does Kane silence his critics? Simple. Score the game winning goal in overtime in the Stanley Cup Finals. Another story line would be that someone finally stopped another magical Philadelphia Flyer magical comeback. The scrappy Philadelphia Flyers were finally put down by the Blackhwaks. So you can't tell me that there are no story lines in this game. It is sad that hockey doesn't get the attention that it deserves. Hockey is always overshadowed by any other story that is in the news. For the regular season I guess I could see that, but for the Stanley Cup Finals, and the winning of the Stanley Cup Finals it should get more coverage. If this is the outcome in the NBA Finals a few days down the road, it will be the talk of the town for maybe a week straight, possibly more, or it will just be the story until Lebron James says something or goes on another interview. Playoff hockey is exciting to watch. In what other sport can two guys break out into a fight with no one stopping it, and the consequence is just a 5 minute break for both players then they go on. There is never a lull in hockey either. With power plays, shootouts, sudden death overtime, limited commercial breaks, its definitely game that has a lot of potential for more and more viewers. The NHL just has to work something out to get their product out to the people more to gain viewers and gain revenue. So, hopefully next year hockey will gain some supporters due to its exciting postseason, which involved the Philadelphia Flyers and their magical comeback almost as much as the Chicago Blackhawks winning Lord Stanley's Cup. Maybe one day hockey will get to the point that it will overshadow sports that aren't even in season. But I will go ahead and say congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks, because I think slowly, very slowly, thanks to them and the Philadelphia Flyers, hockey will begin to grow, and I won't have to be the one to tell you who won the Stanley Cup.


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