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It's Not Over, Until It's Over

A game that is 90 minutes long, wasn't quite long enough for a goal to be scored in the U.S.A. vs: Algeria match. In fact, the U.S. needed 91 minutes to score only the second goal against the Algerians stifling defense. The game ended 3 minutes later with the final score U.S.A. 1, Algeria 0. The goal scored by none other than Landon Donovan, the man who was responsible for igniting a fiery comeback against Slovenia just days earlier. What more could you ask for in any sporting match. Both teams need to win to move on to the round of 16. Each team getting very good chanced time and time again. Clint Dempsey almost knocking in shot off the post, then getting a second chance that misses high. Dempsey was also called for offsides earlier in the match, which after seeing it on instant replay, was not offsides. So there was controversy. (And this nation LOVES to talk about controversy) Then Landon Donovan played the role of the hero after delivering a beautiful crossing pass, Donovan fo…

Lakers Survive against Celtics to Win 16th NBA Title

In a game where Tiger Woods first round over stroke total was almost the highest score of the night, the Los Angeles Lakers managed to eek out a victory against the scrappy Boston Celtics to win their 16th NBA title.
Help Finally Found
A lot is said that it takes more than one man to win a game, and that defense wins championships. Both of these statements were exemplified in Game 7 of 2010 NBA Finals. Kobe Bryant at one point in the game was 5-21 from the field, and things weren't looking so bright for the Lakers. Perhaps Kobe really did buy into the hype, but just didn't want to show the media that he had. The Lakers seemed to be on their way to losing the 5th straight NBA Finals Game 7 against their foe the Boston Celtics, but...But then Kobe's teammates finally managed to produce when it mattered. Although Pau Gasol didn't have on of his greater nights from the free-throw line, he was able to come up with clutch baskets in crunch time to finish the Laker comeback an…


The Chicago Blackhwaks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers last night ion overtime to win the Stanley Cup, the most coveted award in all of pro hockey. The only problem one cares. Go and watch ESPN for an hour or two. Maybe once or twice an update will come across the bottom of the screen that the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup. Then maybe they will get a minute or two per every hour show of Sports Center. The Stanley Cup is being overshadowed by the possibility of a college football team moving conferences. Is this a big deal? yes, it has the possibility of changing many things. But all of it is just discussion. The bigger news story today, or at least what should be the biggest news story today, should the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup and ending one of the longest droughts in NHL history. And they won the cup over the Flyers who battled their way to the Finals, and pushed the Blackhawks to overtime to win the cup. Or another story line that Patrick Kane got w…

Don't Count Them Out

After the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals, everyone seemed to be in agreement that the Philadelphia Flyers were dead and gone and the Chicago Blackhawks would waltz their way to the Stanley Cup ending one of the longest cup droughts in the NHL. Did people just forget about the Flyers coming back from 3-0 against the Boston Bruins? I mean I know there is a long layoff between games, but it isn't the NBA where you wait until the season comes around to play the next game. The Philadelphia Flyers are a tough team the just doesn't seem to go away. Whenever you think you have them down they come back and surprise their opponents along with anyone else who is actually paying attention to the Stanley Cup Finals. They Flyers have held up their side of the bargain so far in these Finals, they have protected their home ice. Oh and here is a stat for all of you the don;t think Philly can finish off this series, during this postseason, the Philadelphia Flyers are undefeated after…


Honestly, most people who read this blog will probably just skip right past this article, simply because it is about the World Cup. Soccer isn't exactly the sexiest sport in the sports world today. Its the not the high flying his scoring game most Sports viewers nowadays are accustomed to seeing. One thing the World Cup brings out though is pride in those involved. Not just the players, but the fans as well. In the sports world today some "fans" will have nothing but positives to stay for the team, but as soon as things start going wrong the whole fan base becomes negative, and the support slowly dwindles until the Win column starts filling up again. For those of you that have ever attended a Dallas Mavericks game, the crowd can get pretty hyped up at times, but at other times it is silent. When the Mavericks aren't making shots, or during a dead ball, the fans just aren't loud. On the other hand, throughout an entire soccer match, the crowd goes nuts. Through th…