Dez Bryant

I admire Dez Bryant. He was drafted just 9 days ago and I already see maturity in the young man. in the past 9 days there have been many reports about Dez Bryant and his "off the field issues" This term has such a negative term, but for Dez, I really wouldn't call what he has gone through issues. His mother gave birth to Bryant when she was just 15 years old, and not too many years later was arrested for use and distribution of crack cocaine. Then I believe when he wasn't playing football Bryant was living in his car just trying to make it day to day not to end up like his mother. Does he hate his mother? By all means no. Dez feels very strongly for his mother and it is more then likely she will be moving in with Dez when that lofty signing bonus from the Dallas Cowboys is put in his bank account. What other "off field issues" has Bryant had in his life? He was suspended for most of his last season with the Oklahoma State Cowboys. How did he get suspended? Did he punch a player during post game handshakes? No. Did he sexually abuse a woman at a college bar? No. Was it anything involving a strip club or guns like most other "incidents"? No. Bryant went over to Deion Sanders' house and had dinner. The only problem is that there was an agent at dinner as well, and under NCAA rule, you are not aloud to talk to an agent while still involved with collegiate football. When asked about the meeting Bryant said that it didn't happen. Bad part is that when Deion was asked about the same matter he immediately responded that the meeting did happen. And it was with this that Dez Bryant was suspended for most of his last year of school. he didn't do anything illegal by the law, he just broke NCAA policy and had to pay the price. Despite not playing football for a while, Bryant still showed up to workouts in very good physical condition and was able to impress scouts, and prove that he had not lost any of his physical build. Lastly there was another instance with where Bryant's mom was involved. Before an NFL team drafts a certain player, most teams like to find out a little about a player to decide if they are a good fit on the team. When in an interview with Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland Bryant has asked if his mom was a prostitute. We have all heard this story before. A man with an abnormal upbringing being asked questions of a touchy manner. Well someone like Dez must have over reacted right? Wrong. Bryant managed to keep his cool with the question, despite later saying that the question made him really mad. And who can blame him for that? I myself would probably be a little edgy if someone asked that about my mom. Another thing though, how is that relevant to drafting a player. Shape up mom and dad you better get some good occupations yourselves or else your son isn't getting drafted. Next thing to be asked would probably be what car your mom drives. Anything under a Mercedes and you can kiss that signing bonus goodbye. Jeff Ireland later apologized for his question after realizing how big of a deal was made of it by the media. Another mature move by the GM, wait until the story becomes public then apologize. If this story didn't make national headlines would Ireland have apologized? Probably not.So despite all of this nonsense Bryant has remained calm and seems to be focused on helping the Dallas Cowboys get back to the Super Bowl. He just happened to find himself in the perfect media frenzy storm. First off he is the number one draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys, and the Cowboys are always under media scrutiny. Second off he is an amazing talent who seems to have his some rough spots in his life. The media only pays attention to the rough spots though, so his upbringing didn't help since the media loves to wait for someone to mess up and then pounce on them for it. Third of all he is in the national headlines within a week of being drafted. The local and national media are just eating up this kid, and he is handling himself quite well for the time being. I applaud Cowboys everything Jerry Jones for taking Dez Bryant. They expect highly of him by giving him Michael Irvin's prestigious number 88. For the first time in a long time I am very excited to see how this Cowboys draft pick turns out, and am really rooting for him to do well. He is not just a great player, but by the looks of it a great person. I admire Dez Bryant for being able to handle the bright lights of the media very early in what I hope to be a very long and record breaking career.


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