Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods. I think we put too much pressure on this guy now. Even before his little "incident" with Elin, and not being able to back up his escalade 15 feet without hitting a tree. No no, I am talking about on the course we put too much pressure on Tiger. After all, his little incident must have affected him in so many ways that us outsidrs can't even comprehend. Not that it matters to him, but for one he wrecked his car, his wife is dangerously close to divorcing him, the whole world now knows of everyone he has 'sexual relations' with, and i imagine everyone employed for the paparazzi has specific order to NEVER leave him alone. So after a long withdrawl from tournament play Tiger comes back and plays the masters. One of the most prestigious events in all of the PGA. As always I'm sure Vegas had him at a 3:1 favorite. Despite going through everything he had been through. Oh yea, most of his major sponsors dropped him by the way, so he can kiss goodbye all of that endorsement money he had been getting. So when sunday rolls around, Tiger finds himself in one of the final pairings of the masters after his lay off. A phenominal pheat right? I mean even though he didn't win he still shot 11 under at one of the most difficult goof courses in all of the world. He shot in the 60's three days out 4, and if not for spectacular shots from Phil Mickelson, Tiger may have been right there to win it at the end of the day. But no Tiger ends up finishing tied for 4th after his layoff, and despite all of his reactions. You have to be thinking, "Wow what a great week!" wrong. Tiger and the media both agree that he played terrible. Everywhere you turn on the TV and all you hear is that Tiger played terrible. I'm going to be honest here, if I could play a terrible tournament of golf at the masters and shoot 11 under...I would be very happy. If Tiger played awful finishing 4th, then I guess everyone who finished 5th and lower should just not show up anymore. In this day and age, with all the hype that surrounds Tiger, we, as a people, expect him to be then life itself. He should be able to hit every shot, and never look back. People expect him to never show emotion anymore, because we all say thats bad. I am one of the few people that will occasionally go out and buy Tiger Woods PGA tour video games, and I spend about 10 minutes looking through all of Tiger's positive and negative reactions to see which I like best. Lets be honest, the game of golf isn't exactly the most exciting game in the world, so you need someone like Tiger who expresses how he feels about every shot. Someone who puts the highest standards on himself. All in all though, Tiger is a great athlete, and may have the best mental preparation and concentration of any human being alive. So, as a people are we putting too much pressure on him? Really, I think he can handle it. And get ready for the U.S. Open, I think Vegas already has him at 3:1


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