NFL Draft

Ah yes the NFL draft is almost upon us. You can tell, becuase even with the NBA and NHL playoffs underway, and the start of the MLB season, that then NFL is still the most dominant topic in the sports world. Anything with the NFL seems to take over anything else going on in the news at the time. Next time i go to a bar remind me to walk in with a phone recording video. You never know what Jerry Jones or someone else is going to say. If its anything good, chances are my video will not only be a hit on youtube, but the most popular story on all of ESPN! Now, anyway, back to the subject of the draft. The 2010 NFL draft this year has expanded to now take up 3days. Some seem to think this is a great idea in that it is getting more coverage now, and that it will be in the primetime tv slots for thursday and friday. Some would say, oh what a great idea to move this into prime time! Unfortuantely I am not one of those people. Whatever happened to the days where you set up camp in the living room of your home with 3 bags of potato chips, sodas, and the dominos guy on speed dial as you watched the draft all day? Quite frankly I do not see why the draft has now moved its start time to late thursday night to only include the first round. I am more of a fan of the all day stuff. I just don't see the point of having a draft take up 3 days, and be the most dominant thing on television. Oh by the way, the NHL draft already happened this year, just thought I'd let you know. So this year as the draft rolls around. Forget about watching amazing happen on thursday and friday of the NBA playoffs, because the focus will be on the NFL draft. Forget having the chance to see the 2nd no-hitter thrown this year as baseball has now started up, and forget seeing Alex Ovechkin And Sydney Crosby fight their way back to see the Stanley Cup, becuase the real divas of the sporting industry just cannot get enough. Just like christmas items going on sale, the draft keeps taking over more and more time on the calendar. As for me, I'll probly turn on ESPN news the next day or check the paper to see where Jimmy Clausen ends up, or how many picks Jerry traded down this year. I'll be sure to tune in Saturday though, because quite frankly, what else do you have going on at 10 in the morning on a Saturday?


  1. NBA Playoffs baby. the NFL Draft can wait for its meant-to-be slot, the weekend


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