Game 5 Review

The Dallas Mavericks shortned the gap in their series deficit down to 3-2 after a convincing win tuesday night at the America Airlines Center. A lot of questions swirled around Dallas before the start of game 5. Some wondered if the Mavs would just pack it in, or would they just "not make enough plays" in the end and lose it. Well, our questions were answered as the Mavs came out firery and kept up that intensity throught the game. Statistically, the Mavericks' worst quarter is the 3rd. For some reason they just don't come out of halftime strong. I'll tell you this, whatever Carlisle said at halftime to get his guys going really worked as Dallas outscored the Spurs by 11 in the 3rd quarter to go up by 18 going into the 4th. Spurs coach Greg Poppovich threw up the white flag at the start of the 4th quarter as he permanently sat down his starters. Dallas went on to win in convincing fashion as they finally eclipsed that 100 point plateau that seemed to have eluded them througout the series.
Important News and Notes
Caron Butler led the Mavericks tonight with 35 points (carrer playoff high) and 11 rebounds. Butler seemed fired up and came out today with a chip on his shoulders. He played with attitdue and courage as he electrified the Dallas crowd with enthusiastic play that brought the crowd to its feet on multiple occasions. Dirk Nowitzki finished with 17 points. Tonight the plaot was flipped. Instead of Caron Butler being Robin to Dirk Nowitzki being Batman, tonight Butler took on the role as Batman as the primary scorer, as Nowitzki was the secondary scorer playing as Robin tonight.Another change of pace toninght, Brendan Haywood finding himself in the starting lineup 9and no moment too soon) playing 31 minutes while recording 8 points 8 rebounds and 4 blocks. Haywood replaced Erick Dampier who still cannot catch a basketball. Haywood played brilliantly for the Mavs, as he added a low post that was actually somewhat of a threat on the offensive side on the ball, and a more athletic defender to guard Tim Duncan. Although the stats may not seem too impressive, Haywood gretaly influenced the shots and paths of the Spurs. The only fault of Haywood's game tonight was the poor free-throw percentage he put up tonight. But really, a talented big man has to have a bad percentage. Right? (Dwight? Shaq? just saying) Jason Terry was able to come off the bench and provide mid-long range sharpshooting as he appears to be out of his slump that he has been in lately.
Also Noteworthy
The appearence of Rodrigue Beaubois brought the Dallas Mavericks fans to their feet, as the speedy frenchman entered the game and hit a 3 pointer. Matt Carrol and Deshaun Stevenson also were able to get into the game. Carrol adding a 2-pointer, and Deshaun (who was unrecognizeable since shaving off his beard) missed all the shots that he took. The Mavs now head to San Antonio which is sure to be a dog fight as the series is now at 3-2. If the Mavs continue to push the tempo on the Spurs they stand a chance to escape San Antonio, and come back to dallas for game 7 clinging to life. Only of out of 189 teams (since going to a game 7 game format) have ever come back from a 3-1 series deficit. Shawn Marion and Coach Rick Carlisle account for 25% of those victories, and the sereis follows what happened tonight, could Carlisle and Marion up it to 33%? Be sure to tune in to game 6 because it will be an absolute brawl. The intensity will be there. If the Mavs can get back to the AAC with tied series at 3, histotry may have to be re-written, but as for now, as Coach Carlisle as stated, "We just have to take these games one at a time. The most important game is the next game."


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