The biggest news on the opening day of the draft may suprise you. This was something I never thought I would see. Jerry Jones actually traded up for a pick. The Dallas Cowoys moved ahead of the Baltimore Ravens to select WR Dez Bryant out of Oklahoma State. Bryant adds another playmaker on the offensive side of the ball for the cowboys to go along with QB Tony Romo, WR Miles Austin, TE Jason Witten, along with the running back duo of Felix Jones and Marion Barber. So perhaps now the cowboys won't be shut out by the Washington Redskins until 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter like we all saw last year in a very disappointing effort. Its only Thursday and I consider this draft a win for the cowboys. Other news and notes to go along with the draft, most astonishingly, is Jimmy Clausen dropping all the way out of the first round of the draft. Jimmy saw two quarterback go in the first round, with Sam Bradford going #1 overall to the St. Louis Rams and Tim Tebow going to the Denver Broncos. Sam Bradford, not much of a suprise, but Tebow going mid-late first round is somewhat of a suprise to most of the people who created mock draft after mock draft trying to predict exactly how the draft would go. I figure its about as easy picking March Madness perfectly on your bracket. Tebow is defanitely the player coaches look for. He may not be mechanically correct, or the prototype quarterback all of the "experts" think should be playing the quarterback position, but he is quit the competitor. (Just a note here, these "experts" thought high of Ryan Leaf, and where is he now? Honestly I don't even know) Tim Tebow is the type of quarterback that will make plays for your football team. In close games, the outcome sometimes coems down to the intangibles, and Tim Tebow is a player that helps you out in more aspects than just throwing passes. Like they reported on ESPN, Tebow may very well be the best fullback draft as well. As for the likes of Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy I expect them both to be gone in the 2nd round. Jimmy has slipped way below where predictied, but Erin Andrews reports he is staying upbeat, and hopefully he can land on a good team, and use this draft as inspiration to play with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. The same goes for Colt, Colt is another just overall great human being like Tebow. The only difference being that what Colt lacks in size and power to Tebow, Colt makes up for in throwing ability. Colt is a very good quarterbacck and should be a sleeper pick going into Friday's round of 2 and 3. Tip for tomorrow. Next biggest story...the first round didn't take the 5 hours most dreaded it would. For the most part it went quickly and smoothly, it moved so fast Boomer and the guys could barely keep up. All in all though primetime draft 10 turned out a success. My tip for tomorrow though...don't forget about Game 3 in the Mavs and Spurs series. the game shifts to San Antonion tied 1-1.


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