Dallas Cowboys 2010-2011 Schedule

The Dallas Cowboys Schedule is listed as follows. And let it be a sign that the December woes may not be dead and gone quite yet.

Sun, Sept. 12 @ Washington (NBC) 7:20 PM
Sun, Sept. 19 CHICAGO (FOX) Noon
Sun, Sept. 26 @ Houston (FOX) Noon
Sun, Oct. 3 BYE
Sun, Oct. 10 TENNESSEE (CBS) 3:15 PM
Sun, Oct. 17 @ Minnesota (FOX) 3:15 PM
Mon, Oct. 25 N.Y. GIANTS (ESPN) 7:30 PM
Sun, Oct. 31 JACKSONVILLE (CBS) Noon
Sun, Nov. 7 @ Green Bay (NBC) 7:20 PM
Sun, Nov. 14 @ N.Y. Giants (FOX) 3:15 PM
Sun, Nov. 21 DETROIT (FOX) Noon*
Thu., Nov. 25 NEW ORLEANS (FOX) 3:15 PM
Sun, Dec. 5 @ Indianapolis (Fox) 3:15 PM*
Sun, Dec. 12 PHILADELPHIA (NBC) 7:20 PM*
Sun, Dec. 19 WASHINGTON (FOX) Noon*
Sat, Dec. 25 @ Arizona (NFL NETWORK) 7:30 PM
Sun, Jan. 2 @ Philadelphia (FOX) Noon*

The makers of the NFL schedule didn't exactly favor the Dallas Cowboys in this paticualr year. In fact, it seems as if the schedule is made by the people who say that the Cowboys struggle in the month of December. First off, the Cowboys have one of the earliest bye weeks comming in the 4th week of the season. So that makes for a long haul to the end. The premature bye may lead to injuries that won't have enough time to recover as the months 11 and 12 come along. So the bye doesn't exactly fir the criteria of a team making a late season push, maybe Dallas will get a break against some sub-par teams as the season winds down. Well, to end November Dallas gets New Orleans (Who 'Dat?...O yea the defending super bowl champions) followed by the Indianapolis Colts who finished as a close runner-up to the Saints. Oh and here is a good piece of news for Cowboys fans. Last year the Colts won every regular season game that they wanted to. After Indy, the Cowboys get Kevin Kolb's Eagles followed by Donovan Mcnabb's Redskins. The Cowboys went 3-0 against the Eagles last year, but that will be a tough feat to follow up. And then what does Jolly Ol' St. Nick bring the Cowboys for Christmas? A trip to Arizona to play Matt Leinart led Cardinals. (Well, one can assume Leinart will still be the starter) Leinart hasn't prooved much in the NFL in his young career, although for some reason I think he has potential to be a pretty good quarterback in this league. With the loss of Matt Leinart and Anquan Boldin, this is a Cardianl team that must reload this year. Although, watch out for Larry Fitzgerald, because he can easily break this game wide open and torch the Cowboys. As for the last game of the year to end the season the Cowboys get to see a familiar face, the Eagles, again. Just 3 weeks after their previous meeting the Cowboys travel up to Philly to play the Eagles which is sure to be a hard nosed game with playoff implications. Some say the Eagles have questions at quarterback with Kevin Kolb starting. When has Kolb ever had experience playing with the big boys anyway? Oh yea thats right, he lit up the cowboys a few years back when Mcnabb wasn't avalible, so do not overlook this guy in 2010. As the season starts up, IO expect Dallas to get out to good start. Washington doesn't seem to have the pieces in place yet, and will probably make a run in the later part of the season (making them dangerous in the month off....yes December) So I think the Cowboys can open up with the win. They then play the Chicago Bears who have a quarterback who forgets what team he plays for at times in Jay Cutler. Jay is a spectacular quarterback out of Vanderbelt though, and I wouldn't be suprised if he puts up big numbers in the beginning of the year, but begins to slide as the year progresses. I also think this one turns out to a Cowboy victory. The next game is very tricky. The up and comming Texans are a very tough team. Although they have never beaten the Colts in thier short history in the NFL, they play them close year in and year out, and are a team that does not go away easily. Andre Johnson is just a beast and can't be stopped. If they could ever get a consistant season from Steve Slaton at the Running Back position they would be very dangerous. Although, I think Dallas is well equipped to handle Houston, and will come away with a close one in Relient Stadium. A 3-0 record going into the bye week, which I think they push to 4 against the Vince Young led Titans. Just please stop Cris Johnson. Next up is what I believe to be the first loss of the year. The trip up to Minnesota. As seen in the playoffs last year, it is impoosible to win in Minnesota. Hopefully the Cowboys will show some grit after getting shown up last year, and quite frankly embaressed in the second round of the playoffs. Minnesota is just too good though. Favre or not, this isn't a game I see Dallas winning. Too many mental errors will cost the Cowboys the game agasint the Giants. Cowboys prove to be the better team, but the Giants make more plays and less errors and come out victorious. Jacksonville is a win. The Green Bay game is tough to call, but the Cowboys come up short again which, and i have no doubt of this, will have the Dallas media in a flux with the Cowboys on a 2 game skid. But, they come out and play hard against the Giants and get a victory, then playing the Detroit Lions which also results in a victory. (Watch out for Felix Jones in this one)
So there it is. I have the Cowboys at 7-3 going into late November as December approaches. Everything from there is just to tough to call. The Cowboys should be in a good position by this time of the year at 7-3 sitting atop the NFC East. Although, with December looming. It is possible for the Cowboys to drop two in a row against the Saints and in Indy. A win in Dallas against Philly, followed by a loss to the streaking Redskins. A Christmas gift frmo Matt Leinart earns them a Christmas victory with a trip to Philly to start the new year. Then, in suprising Cowboys fashion, the Cowboys defeat an Eagles team who at this point is falling apart again. Andy Reid's job in question, and Kevin Kolb simply just getting his first year as a full-time starter under his belt. But lets be honest. Philly could win the Super Bowl and they'd still be calling for Reid to get the boot. All in all I see the Cowboys finishing 10-6 and closing out the season not in a spectacular way, but not in a dreadful one either. The December woes may seem behind Dallas, but they will need to stay focused and play the stingy defense that was played last year to rid the team of its December curse.


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