Ben Roethlisberger

As the NFL draft comes ever closer, the biggest thing on commisioner Roger Goodell's mind is not how to pernounce Nebraska Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Sue's last name, it the punishment for Ben Roethlisberger. Both the commisioner of the NFL and the owner of the Pittsburgh Steeler (Art Rooney) esxpressed much displeaure in hearing about the supre bowl winning quarterback's latest fiasco. This time it involved Ben going to a college bar, getting, drunk and (alledgedly) sexually assaulting a woman in 5 by 5 foot bathroom, along with placing his bodyguards outside the doorway to make sure no one could get in or out. Despite the 100 page police report filed by the accuser's attorney, the case, along with the charges, were dropped. The lawyer's of the accuser just didn't seem to have a good enough case that would convince the jury that Ben committed the crime. This whole Ben incident has a funny smell to it though. A few days after the report that the charges would be dropped, the leading officer on the case handed his resignation to the local police force. Oh and by the way pictures of Ben and the leading officer laughing and having a good time were also found to have surfaced shortly after. This isn't the first time Ben has found himself in this situation. A few years he suffered a broken jaw in a motorcycle accident. Last year he is accused of Sexually harassing (or something of the sort) another girl in Lake Tahoe. Also in this case, a verdict was never found finding Ben guilty of the crimes accused. I'm not sure if the leading officer in that case also resigned, or if he and Ben spent a night out on the town after being accused, but I do sense something not right about all of this. A quarterback worth millions, hanging around places he shouldn't be at this point in his life. Does the name Michael Vick ring a bell? Now I am in no way comparing what Vick did to what Roethlisberger is accused of. Vick was found, tried, and convicted guilty, and served his time. In fact, Vick is still feeling the effects of his actions to this day as he went from the star of the league to the permanent back-up on an Eagle's team who just traded away their franchise player for the promising future of Kevin Kolb. Anyway, back to Ben. After Roethlisberger's "heartfelt" apology to the media after accusations were made his team owner, Art Rooney, was infuriated with his starting quarterback. I will probably never play in the NFL, but if I did there are two people I would never want to rub the wrong way and that is the commisioner and my team's GM. Roethlisberger managed to hit two birds with one stone. Now will Ben ever learn frmo his mistakes? He can say all he wants in the media, and deliver press release after press release on how he knows it was wrong and it won't happen again. It is the equivalent of recieving a speeding ticket, and then proceeding to get another one 2 miles down the road. Some people just don't learn from their mistakes. Maybe if commisioner Goodell comes down hard on Roethlisberger he will learn that this kind of behavior just isn't tolerable for the Steeler organization, and the NFL for that matter. The commisioner is suppost to come down with his final verdict tomorrow, and we'll see if teaches the Steeler's quarterback a lesson. Despite everything going on though I just want to see some good football. At heart, I'm a sports fanatic. i want to see the best teams with the best players go out and compete every week. Thats what they get paid the big bucks for, and that why I pay the big bucks to go see them perform. I hope the NFl can put this behind them as soon as possible. So, my advice to Roethlisberger, stop hanging out at college bars. Dude your a two time super bowl champ. Look at Tom Brady, hes married to a model. You can do a lot better then some drunk college girl Ben, believe me. And as for commisioner Goodell, give Roethlisberger a stern 2 game suspension. If he improves, discussions can be held to a later date to see if the penalty can be moved down to 1 game. But until then its a two man QB battle in Pittsburgh for opening day. Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch. Oh and commisioner, i suggest you practice on Sue's first name because, it is going to be called early.


  1. 6 is kind of harsh, but good behavior gets him 4. He still skrewed up, Dennis Dixon baby!! Loved him at Oregon and showed some real potential last season filling in.


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